Candy Shop Crochet Hooks: Choose from Sizes F, G, H, I, J, K and L

 Handmade, Furls Candy Shop Crochet Hooks 


Can you imagine a crochet hook that takes a team of  20 different American artisans and craftspeople to design, sculpt, cast, polish, paint, and finish? Can you imagine a crochet hook that is designed to fit the human hand so well that it is backed by a $500 hand-health guarantee? Can you imagine what it would be like to crochet on a surface as smooth and durable as the top coat on exotic cars? You hardly have to now, because Furls' newest line of Candy Shop Crochet Hooks is finally available for your crocheting pleasure.


The Furls Promise:

Our hooks are guaranteed to even your stitches, relax your hands, and make the art of crochet easier, faster, and more enjoyable for you. If our hooks do not live up to this promise, send your hook back for a 100% money-back refund. The only reason we can offer a guarantee like this is because we are confident that you'll discover so much more fun in crochet with our hooks, just like these Furls' clients.


Oh my goodness. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing the hooks are. [...] First off I have carpel tunnel so crocheting for over 20 min at a time doesnt happen. I was in heaven no pain at all. and still 3 hours later I still have no pain. This is a Godsend. Bless you! You have a life long customer here."- Amanda Cox Sylva, Amanda's Beanies, California

"The box just arrived safely with the most beautiful, beautiful crochet hooks! Each of which is a work of art! They are so smooth and fit so perfectly in the hand! I thank you with all my heart for accepting my order ... I will treasure these wonderful crochet hooks all my life! " Mother Seraphima, Holy Nativity Convent, Massachusetts

Well the hook came today, and what can I say but WOW!  You've indeed outdone yourself on this one.  I do so love's mine!  It feels wonderful in the hand and the hook is like silk - I can't put it down!   After I opened the box, we left  to go a purchase new tires for the car, and since I wasn't driving, I spent the next 45 minutes playing with it and seeing how it performs.  5 stars!  So....thank you ever so much for making this fabulous crochet hook for me.    I will say one thing, and that is every time I am able to indulge in another collectible needlework tool I will be right back at your door purchasing another one.  My collection has started! Thanks ever so much, for it and of course, for the lovely one-of-a-kind crochet hook.  You haven't seen the last of me yet! " S. Blackwell, North Carolina

About Furls Crochet Hooks


You will spend thousands of hours crocheting throughout your lifetime. If you continue to use conventional  crochet hooks, you may develop arthritis, carpel tunnel, and loss of hand flexibility and pliability. Furls Crochet hooks are built to be perfect extensions of the human hand, and many of our customers tell us that sometimes they can't tell where their hand ends and the crochet hooks begins.

    "This hooks is perfect for my hands and it feels great. I am a better crocheter with this hook" -Lynn H. from Grand Junction Colorado

    Watch our new video on the benefits of a Furls Crochet hook 


You are an artist. You revel in every movement of the fibers and every turn of the crochet hook. As an artist, you deserve to work with something that itself is a work of art. Every Furls Crochet hook is handcarved to the finest artistic standards out of the earth's most beautiful materials and, as a consequence, every Furls Crochet hook is a functional crochet masterpiece. 

    "Your needles make crocheting an art of zen" -Debbie from Pennsylvania

    "This is the most fantastic hook I own! I can't get over how beautiful and how awesome it feels holding it" -Lianka Azulay, Crochet Designer and Owner at Bonita Patterns

    Watch this video to see why you deserve a functional masterpiece.

    "I have nothing but praise for these hooks! They are the perfect length, smooth, warm and comfortable in your hand. I prefer Furl's Hooks over any other hook out there. They are so breathtaking and well-crafted. Did I mention beautiful to look at too!-Darla Allen, Crochet Designer and Owner of The Needle Nerd and Needle Nerd Baby


In order from left to right on the first image in the rotating gallery, the hooks are Grape-G, Strawberry- H, Blackberry- I, Blue Raspberry- F.

Products specs:

Each Candy Shop crochet hook is a seamless PolyResin plastic crochet hook, finished with a sport-car paint job and several applications of hand-safe clear coat. The PolyResin hooks are lighter than wood, and fit into pen or knife grip equally comfortably. The head of every Furls Crochet hook is made to be a fusion style of Bates and Boye styles; it is an inline hook but it is not as sharp and will not split yarns like many other inline hooks. Each hook is 5.75" long and 18mm in diameter at its widest point to provide the most snug and tension-relieving grip of any crochet hook on the market. Each Candy Shop hook weighs about 0.2 lbs.

Each hook flavor (Grape, Strawberry, Blackberry, and Blue Raspberry from left to right on the first product photo) is specific to its size and shape. Products may appear slightly varied in color on your computer screen.


Category: 3.75mm, 4mm, 5.5mm, 5mm, Crochet hook, F, G, H, I

Type: Crochet Hooks

Vendor: Furls

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