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Add this to your crochet arsenal: Crocodile Stitch Video Tutorial

Posted on November 14, 2016 by Lianka Azulay | 0 Comments

To get everyone ready to hit the ground running next week, we’ve uploaded a sweet little tutorial of Crocodile Stitch.

Try working up this sample swatch this week so that next week you're ready to make these:


A big thanks to Trisha Kahan in Austin, TX for leading us through this stitch! It’s a beautifully simple stitch that should be in every crocheter’s toolset. I’m going to give you a little description and then I’ll let the video speak for itself!

The infamous Crocodile Stitch is made up of one base layer of V stitches and an overlapping layer of scales. The scales are simple front post double crochets into each side of the V stitch below it with on ch-1 right at the tip. As you move through the rows, you’ll have to slip some stitches to make sure your scales alternate and overlap.

And that’s it! Now go watch this video and let us know what you think! See you next Monday!

Part One


Part Two



Trisha is using an oversized hook for the yarn that she's working with so we can see more of what she's doing and how the stitch is laid our. For the Fingerless Gloves we're making this month, you'll want to stick to the hook size listed in the supplies list, F (3.75mm).

Here's the stitch step by step:

To start: Chain 25

Part 1: First Row of V Stitches

            Step 1: DC 5 sts in

            Step 2: Chain 1

            Step 3: DC back into anchoring st

            Step 4: skip 2 sts and repeat steps 1-3 for the next V stitches

            Step 5: End V-st row with dc into last stich

Part 2: First Row of Scales

            Step 1: 5 Front Post Double Crochets (FPDC’s) into 1st V

                        Step 1.1: yarn over to start a dc

                        Step 1.2: Insert hook through post of V-st

                        Step 1.3: Complete dc to anchor into first half of V-st

                        Step 1.4: Complete 4 more FPDC’s

                        Step 1.5: Chain One

                        Step 1.6: Repeat 5 FPDC’s back UP the V-st

                        Step 1.7: Skip 1 V-st to start next scale

            Step 2: Repeat steps 1.1-1.7 to create 3 more scales       

Part 3: Start the next V Stitch Row

            Step 1: Chain 3 up and turn work

            Step 2: DC through ch-1 space in first V-st Row

            Step 3: Chain 1

            Step 4: DC back intro same ch-1 space in first V-st Row

Part 4: Lock Scales Down and finish V-st Row

            Step 1: yarn over

            Step 2: Insert hook through both Scale and V-st Layer

            Step 3: Complete dc through both layers

            Step 4: ch 1 to create top of V-st

            Step 5: Complete another dc through both layers

            Step 6: Repeat steps 1-5 until the end of the row

            Step 7: Anchor DC into 1st DC from 1st row

Part 5: Second Row of Scales

            Step 1: Slip stitch 2 sts over

            Step 2: Repeat Scales (5 FPDC, ch 1, 5 FPDC, skip 1 v-st)

            Step 3: Slip stitch through last V-st space and slip stitch through two dc’s to end row

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