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May CAL- Flora and Fauna Shawl- Week Three

Posted on May 15, 2018 by Lorene Eppolite | 0 Comments

Welcome back to the May CAL with Jennifer Dickerson of Fiber Flux. This month we are making this gorgeous wrap, the Flora and Fauna Shawl. If you are just joining us you can find the supply list here and Part One of the pattern here

This week we are finalizing our pattern with the (optional) fringe. Jennifer has put together a detailed photo tutorial for you. 


Note:  Allow about a half of the skein to make the fringe.
Step 1: Pull a length long length of yarn from the ball measuring roughly from one outstretched hand to another outstretched hand and cut.  Tip: I used my fully extended arms as a measurement so I wouldn't have to measure each fringe "bundle."  This step does not have to be an exact measurement.  You will trim everything evenly at the end.  Fold in half several times until the fringe is the length and thickness you like.  If you fold less times, your fringe will be longer and thinner.  The more you fold it in half, the thicker and shorter the fringe will become.
Step 2: Grasping the top loop of the yarn bundle you just made, insert your hook and "scoop" up the yarn loop.
Step 3: Pull up on the loop until the loop is a few inches tall.
Step 4:  Send ends through the loop and pull snug.  Note:  When pulling the loop snug, pull very carefully and slowly.  If you pull too hard, it may distort the stitches of the shawl.  Repeat steps 1-4 for each fringe "bundle" across.  You can space them however you like.  For the shawl I made, I placed one in the center of each shell and also in the stitch in between each shell.  After all fringe is placed, trim carefully and evenly across to desired length.
This concludes the Flora and Fauna CAL. If you would like to see more of Jennifer's amazing work you can Follow Fiber Flux on Google+ Facebook Twitter Pinterest

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