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October CAL Evangeline Cardigan - Week Four

Posted on October 23, 2017 by Furls Business Academy | 7 Comments

Evangeline FREE Crochet Along by @thehooknook for Furls Crochet

Eeeeep!! Jessica here from The Hook Nook  for the LAST week of our CAL with Furls Crochet making the Evangeline Cardigan! Get ready for the BEST week of the four because we are finally putting everything together, adding the last of the details and putting that sucker on.


This week we will be:
-Assembling pieces
-Creating collar/neckline and detail
-Crocheting back panel ruffle detail
-Optional: Adding buttons

I don’t know about you, but the little details are just what makes garments so special. That extra thought, that extra effort.. It is always worth it. Ready? Let’s do this.

Evangeline FREE Crochet Along by @thehooknook for Furls Crochet


    1.    Lay cardigan flat with front panels on top of back panel. Line up sleeves to proper position on cardigan. Place stitch markers where the armpit of your cardigan (bottom of sleeve) will be.
    2.    Using MC, attach yarn with Sl St to bottom corner of cardigan, through both front and back panels together. [CH 1, Sl St] Repeat [ ] up the side of the cardigan until you reach your stitch marker. Finish off. Repeat for other side of cardigan.
    3.    For sleeves, fold them in half with textured side of cuff exposed. Texture side of cuff should be the same as seamed side - we will be flipping the cuff to show the detail correctly. Attach CC to wrist of sleeve with Sl St. [CH 1, Sl St] Repeat [ ] across CC cuff. Finish off.

    4.    Attach MC to sleeve seam with Sl St. [CH 1, Sl St] Repeat [ ] across MC sleeve. Finish off, weave in ends.
    5.    Turn cardigan and sleeves inside out so seams are visible. Using your tapestry needle and MC, securely sew sleeves evenly onto body of cardigan. Be sure keep a medium tension as not to “pull” sts as well as not to have shoulder seam be loose and visible after some use.


Row 1. Join MC to bottom seam with a Sl St where front panel is connected with back panel. CH 1. HDC evenly around entire piece. Sl St to first HDC. Finish off.
Row 2. Join CC with Sl St to last st created. CH 1. HDC in each st around. Sl St to first HDC.
Row 3-5. CH 1. HDC BLO in each st around. Sl St to first HDC.
Row 6. CH 1. Sl St in each st around. Sl St to first Sl St. Finish off.

**OPTIONAL DETAILING** (We are using surface crochet to create simple detailing along collar). With cardigan right side out (seams on inside), insert hook into collar section, in the middle of HDC round. Using CC, place slip knot onto hook and pull hook out of st. Insert hook into middle of next HDC, YO, pull hook out of st. Sl St two loops on hook. Repeat surface crochet around entire collar section. Sl St to first Sl St sp. Finish off, weave in ends.

In images below it shows ruffles being worked into the main color.  As you changed color for these rows, you will be working into CC to do your ruffles.  

Using CC, attach yarn to BLO row on back panel using Sl St.
Row 1. (CH 1. Sl St in same st. (Sl St, 3HDC, Sl St) in next st) Repeat ( ) across. Finish off.
Repeat Row 1 for second BLO row on back panel.

I chose to use my buttons as "decor" instead of functionality. You may choose to place your buttons down the front collar section if you’d like OR you may place them in any desired formation for detail. I placed three in a triangular shape to act as a brooch as well as one on each cuff. You may also choose to skip this detail.

**LAST NOTE: Weave in all ends (don’t hate me).

After I completed the cardigan, I felt that it needed one last detail to feel complete. I had these AMAZING buttons from Button Avenue and really loved the gold against the soft neutrals! They were big, bold and ultimately perfect to bring this lovely cardigan to life. Since the buttons are not used functionally, you may pass on this detail and still have one amazing piece of art. If you do choose to add buttons (or any other decal/applique), make sure you choose something that feels perfect for YOU. After all, YOU did make this cardigan.. It should feel just so personal and amazing. <3

I simply chose to add one button on the outside of each sleeve cuff as well as a small triangle formation on the breast. See photos for placement.

And boom goes the dynamite. You did it!!
Gosh, it has been such a blast these last four weeks working with you all as well as Furls Crochet on this project! It is by far my most favorite thing I’ve made so far and it’s so special to use it in such a fun way! Thank you to each of you for following along and creating with me. And thank you to Furls for giving me the platform to share my creativity with their audience. It’s been a blast! Don’t forget to follow along on my journey over on Instagram, Facebook, my blog and within my Facebook group, The Hook Nook Crochet Group!

Until next time,


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7 Responses

Aimee Aimee
Aimee Aimee

November 08, 2017

Embroidery Designs And Patterns
Thank you for a great explanation. I was looking online for a similar idea and really appreciate it


October 27, 2017

Kerry – Go to the top of this page & you will find Home > Crochet Tutorials > October CAL Evangeline Cardigan – Week Four. Click on Crochet Tutorials and it will take you to links for the previous weeks. I saved each week as a PDF using printfriendly.com because I also want to make this lovely sweater at a later date. :-) Hope this helps!


October 27, 2017

I’ve only just seen this last post and would love to be able to have a go at this, in my own time. As I have missed the first three ‘instalments’, is there a link for the entire pattern? I don’t mind paying!! Thanks, in anticipation! x

silvia rodriguez
silvia rodriguez

October 24, 2017

Me to love this cardigan but I can’t do well crocheting by looking at pictures. if you have the pattern or better yet, a video I would like to buy it.

October 24, 2017

I do not know how I missed this pattern,but I did, It is lovely and I would love to make it. Is it possible to get the pattern.


October 24, 2017

Lovely cardigan!! Thank you so much for CAL!!


October 23, 2017

What an Awesome cardigan! Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your creativity and Thank You Furls for sponsoring amazing CALS!

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