Introducing Furls Odyssey Navy

Introducing Furls Odyssey Navy

Revolutionary design. Saturated color. Improved performance.


The Furls Crochet Odyssey Hook is sturdy and beautifully balanced. The luxury automotive paint that covers every handle is filled with sparkle and saturated color to dazzle the eyes. The ergonomic body relaxes your hands and wrists, allowing you to cruise through your projects. Gorgeous and bright, from sizes B through P, the Furls Crochet Odyssey hook is a collector’s item for sure!

You may wonder how the hues are selected for our hooks. I had a chance to speak with Brenna Eaves, Director of Products & Graphics here at Furls, and the artist behind Little Raven Fiber Arts, where she is an Amigurumi genius. Brenna shared that collectively the Furls team suggests a color, we take polls in the Fun with Furls Crochet and Knit Facebook Group, the warehouse sources the color, and voila we have a brand new hook! 

Of course, you know NOTHING is ever that easy right? Saying you want the color green means little to nothing because there are millions of shades of green! Our latest hook the Odyssey Navy took a few tries. We already have a beautiful blue hook so we had to make sure they weren’t similar. We didn’t want it too dark so that it’s confused with the Odyssey Black hook. Did we want sparkle or no sparkle? Needless to say, we went through quite a few color samples to get it just right!  Product development is painstaking and time-consuming. The final result, however, is always worth it. 

After the overwhelming response we received when we launched our Pisces Swirl hook, we were so excited to share our new addition to the blue family! The Navy Odyssey, like all Odyssey will stand out in a row of hooks. Odyssey hooks are clearly eye candy, but they are also smooth to crochet with, are perfectly balanced, and are gorgeous to look at while you work. 

Here are a few reviews of Odyssey Hooks:

“Simple, elegant and so dang pretty!” 

- Brenna Eaves

“Having such a smooth and rounded crochet hook tip makes it so much easier to insert your hook into your stitches, you will notice how much faster and more efficiently you can work using these crochet hooks.”

- Nicole R.

“I cannot stress this enough, YOU NEED A WHOLE SET IN YOUR LIFE! 
The best part is, this hook glides through the yarn like butter!”

- Rachael D.

“I LOVE my Furls Odyssey hooks ... I have fibromyalgia and arthritis, and have had both carpal tunnel releases done, but with these hooks I can crochet as long as I want with no fatigue or pain. THANK YOU SO MUCH for a spectacular product.”

- Donna H.

These hooks are AMAZING. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands and these hooks have allowed me to continue to crochet for longer periods of time without my hands hurting. They are comfortable and the weight is so helpful with consistent and even stitches. Thank you so much FURLS for these hooks ... and the opportunity to continue doing something that I love to do!!!”

- Michelle B

“I don’t know why I held off for so long! I do a lot of crocheting, and find that I get hand cramps, especially when making stuffed animals - they need to be stitched so tightly to look good. The Odyssey hooks give me a secure grip on the hook without needing to squeeze or hold too tight. The handle just sits naturally in my palm and the hook glides through the yarn with so little effort. This is a game-changer for me! I may never be able to use another hook again now that I’ve found Furls! Plus, they’re SO PRETTY! Each hook is a work of art!”

- Marina K

Do you have an Odyssey hook? If you do tell us why you love your hook in the comments. If you don't, what are you waiting for?

I’m Deveter Brown. Thanks for reading, now get back to the WIP!