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Business Academy Reviews: Lesson 3

Posted on April 30, 2014 by Furls Business Academy | 0 Comments

Just watched/listened to the 3 lesson audio and again i loved it. Harrison touch a sensitive cord tho...hiring someone to *help raise our baby*...maybe it's because i'm a mother but it's difficult to imagine someone else doing...what you are supposed to do...I know I'm not super woman lol...I can't do it all... but I see where I may need help in the * letting go* part lol. I would ve loved getting the extra audio lesson , but it's sold out for one thing..thats great news for you guys :)...but the other reason I cant get it...feels stupid to say this...since i want to start my own business, i really don't have any money to spend on *extras*...can barely pay bills and eat...anyway..great lesson again this week,

thank you so much for doing all of this for us *hugs* <3 may you all be blessed <3


I have a question and it's a big one... How do i pick/find *that* special thing that i do, my island has Harrison had put it last week in his lesson 2? In all the things I love to make,design...how do i choose one? how did Harrison ended up making crochet hooks... wood artist usually aim *bigger*, furniture , sculptures etc ... once he chose to make crochet hooks... did he ever wondered how he would find employees good enough to make them too? I'm a perfectionist maniac when it comes to my work.They say perfection isn't on this life...I say wrong...perfection can be achieved in fiber arts. Is there any ways for me to find/choose my special island? 


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