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Business Academy Rviews: Lesson 2

Posted on April 30, 2014 by Furls Business Academy | 0 Comments

wow!!! My head is spinning at the moment lol. Lots of information in this first lesson to swallow, specially that English isn't my birth language (loved the accent). I crochet, knit and bobbin lace (la dentelliere = lace maker) so...if I understood correctly, I must choose one product I like to make, like scarves or hats; to be able to pin point whom I'm aiming for? And stick with that choice till the end... or is it as an example for this lesson? ( yes I love and need to make/create new designs for apparels and accessories... Im bad I know)

A big thank you for giving me a chance with my dream!


With lesson 2 it's getting clearer.Finding my own *Island* I do understand the concept,the story was very well done. It's refreshing to hear business concepts with crocheters-knitters-fiber artists in mind. Finally someone understand *us*.  Have a great Easter week-end,

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