Spoons of the Week

Posted on April 17, 2011 by Furls Business Academy | 1 Comment

During my sweet vacation time, I made these puppies. I know it’s only three, but hey, I got distracted by the Florida sands and theme parks. 

 The two towards the left are both holly, which I cut down just before I left for Florida. The branch they came from was about 12 feet long and only a couple inches in diameter and there is plenty mo’ holly to go ‘round. The spoon on the right is Siberian elm and way awesome. Its bowl is more teardrop shaped and pretty deep and the handle is nice and long. I’ll finish all three later today, take summore pics and do the individual posts later this week.

…AND ON THAT NOTE  I think I’ve figured out how this blog thing is going to work. Ima carve one spoon a day during the week (hopefully), post a couple group pics of the five rough cut spoons on the Sunday (like I did here), and over the week I’ll post the pictures of the individual spoons (and continue to carve, of course) that have been sanded and finished properly-the glamor shots. So, later this week I’ll upload some better pictures of these spoons lookin’ all hot AND a little coming-soon attraction.


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November 24, 2012

Wow, sieht das schf6n aus! Hast du ffcr die Squares eine Anleitung oder machst du das eiafnch nach Gespfcr?Das zu sehen erweckt in mir die Lust zu He4keln :)

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