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What I'm working on right now.

Posted on April 12, 2011 by Shopify API | 2 Comments

Just thought I’d show you guys some of the blanks I cut before I left for Florida. From left to right we’ve got two holly spoons, two siberian elms, a hackberry and then another holly. Two of the hollies will make great little baby spoons, and I hope to have pictures up next week for these puppies. There is also an ebony blank I’m working on that isn’t pictured (soo naughty) that I’ll show off when I’m done.

I can’t wait to dig in, on the beach. That’s right BEACH SPOON CARVING. Believe it.

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Uncensored Elm

Posted on April 11, 2011 by Shopify API | 2 Comments

This ten inch monster has an unfinished, raw, and uncensored handle (for now) but its bowl is an absolute pleasure in the mouth. The perfect thing to steal the food of someone across from you or just look like a boss long distance style.

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Spoons of this week...

Posted on April 10, 2011 by Shopify API | 1 Comment

I’ll be away next week, enjoying spring in West Florida, so it’s best that I go ahead and bombard you guys with the projects of this week now. I started four spoons (nearly at five a week) blanks last sunday, and worked them throughout the week. Here they are

They are all made of reclaimed siberian elm and range from 6 inches (bottom) to 10 inches. The middle two were gonna be really awesome, but I got a little carried away while carving the bowls and got little holes. Which stinks. But whatever, I appreciate the form of the bowl now; I’m approaching total spoon energy flow.

The elm makes great wood for spoon carving, especially after I’ve just stropped my slojd; some of the shavings look like viola f-curves. I can just about get the basic shape in 10-15 minutes going crazy with the slojd, by which time the knife blade is burning hot because of all the wood on metal friction.

The second spoon was meant to fit really ergonomically in a right hand, perfect for competitive fage eating. But, ALAS, I went too deep and got the same little chip as I got in nearly the exact same spot (on the opposite side) on the spoon above. Super unfortunate.

I’ll cover the other two spoons sometime this coming week and give you a preview of what’s to come!

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