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Gotta love those infesting Karelian beetles...

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For working so hard on this AWESOME MASUR BIRCH.

Believe it or not, the crazy spotty, mottled texture on this spoon is created when a boring beetle of the Finnish province of Karelia eat their way into the local birch trees. The trees fight back and once they have healed the area they’re left with this famous but rare figure.

This spoon really was a pleasure-and-a-half to carve and I’m definitely going to have to sequester summore Masur Birch for carving. I wanted something with a traditional bowl shape but with a handle that was a little more contemporary-minimalist and I ended up with this. The bowl, by the way, is great for scooping (here, it’s digging into some fresh Mexican avocado but ice cream and yogurt would also be great for this spoon).

This one’s definitely going up on Furls right HERE and I hope someone loves it as much as I do! Silky smooth (sanding this burl was AWESOME) and mouth and baby safe. EAT UP!

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What do fernheads, salads, and pears all have in common?

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This spoon. THAT’S RIGHT, this monstrously well-endowed salad spoon was carved into curly cadence out of European Pearwood. They call pearwood the wood of woods, and MAN-O-MAN I CAN SEE WHY.

Its beautiful cafe color with a hint of pink really exudes woodiness and, when curled as exquisitely as it has been here, this pearwood reminds me why I fell in love with wood in the first place. That’s right, this spoon has saved my relationship with wood, or at least rekindled the glorious bonfire that the relationship once was.

But enough about the aphrodisiacal properties of pearwood, and more about this spoon. Personally, this spoons is the perfect compliment to a salad: not only is it a salad spoon but it’s large bowl makes tossing a pleasure, and it’s bodacious fiddlehead curve provides a lovely contrast to the organic crispness of a fresh salad.

Curly-Q is available for sale right HERE. As always, sanded to a lovely, satiny texture and finished with organic olive oil. You and your baby are safe!    

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Hackberry "T" Time

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Oh yes, the sweet comfort of domestic hardwoods. This little guy was rescued from an enormous hackberry log that was felled on a construction site a couple months ago.

He’s been repurposed as a teeny but resilient workhorse; despite his small stature and gentile appearance he can scoop the toughest of grains and most frozen ice cream (imagine the love child of a Mini Cooper and a Ford F-350).

I had a lot of fun carving this guy. Since he’s so small it only took a little while and with the extra time I added a little tail ornament and some engraving on the top. Why a “T” I don’t know, but if you’ve recently had a baby named Terrence, this spoon has his name on it (GET IT?>?>?).

I don’t know if I’ll put this spoon up for sale, since he has a few very light splits near the bowl, but they are really only aesthetic (no structural damage, pu-lease). Enjoy!

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So I promised pictures of the finished spoons on Saturday, and I am not one to disappoint. This week is pretty hectic though, what with easter parties coming up, so I couldn’t post last night BUT SCREW IT TWO-FUR-TUESDAY WOOT

I’m not gonna lie, these spoons are silky smooth. They just dive right through amaretto almond crunch like red hot holy excaliburs in buttery dragons.

It is not my complete intention to distract you with semipornographic ice cream pictures, so let’s talk about the facts. These here spoons are made of holly (just like harry potter’s wand) and elm (the elm has the dark spot and deeper bowl). Carving in holly and elm is a lovely experience; both woods are fairly easy to cut but leave beautiful surfaces (barely any chip out even rough carving) and show some gorgeous grain). What’s even more wonderful is both of these pieces of wood are reclaimed. That’s right, saved from the abysmal pits of my local landfill these spoons are 1000% eco-friendly (seriously, 1000%).  They are both sanded to super softness and finished with organic soybean and olive oil so they are safe to any mouth, any where.

I’m thinking that I just might put these spoons up for sale on my etsy, but we’ll see. What is exciting is the wealth of new wood that arrived yesterday. I already started on a piece of european pearwood and MY OH MY is it wonderful. Pictures of that this weekend after a post about the other holly spoon sometime later this week.

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What I'm working on right now.

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Just thought I’d show you guys some of the blanks I cut before I left for Florida. From left to right we’ve got two holly spoons, two siberian elms, a hackberry and then another holly. Two of the hollies will make great little baby spoons, and I hope to have pictures up next week for these puppies. There is also an ebony blank I’m working on that isn’t pictured (soo naughty) that I’ll show off when I’m done.

I can’t wait to dig in, on the beach. That’s right BEACH SPOON CARVING. Believe it.

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Uncensored Elm

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This ten inch monster has an unfinished, raw, and uncensored handle (for now) but its bowl is an absolute pleasure in the mouth. The perfect thing to steal the food of someone across from you or just look like a boss long distance style.

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Spoons of this week...

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I’ll be away next week, enjoying spring in West Florida, so it’s best that I go ahead and bombard you guys with the projects of this week now. I started four spoons (nearly at five a week) blanks last sunday, and worked them throughout the week. Here they are

They are all made of reclaimed siberian elm and range from 6 inches (bottom) to 10 inches. The middle two were gonna be really awesome, but I got a little carried away while carving the bowls and got little holes. Which stinks. But whatever, I appreciate the form of the bowl now; I’m approaching total spoon energy flow.

The elm makes great wood for spoon carving, especially after I’ve just stropped my slojd; some of the shavings look like viola f-curves. I can just about get the basic shape in 10-15 minutes going crazy with the slojd, by which time the knife blade is burning hot because of all the wood on metal friction.

The second spoon was meant to fit really ergonomically in a right hand, perfect for competitive fage eating. But, ALAS, I went too deep and got the same little chip as I got in nearly the exact same spot (on the opposite side) on the spoon above. Super unfortunate.

I’ll cover the other two spoons sometime this coming week and give you a preview of what’s to come!

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