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14 Hook Premiere Organizer

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Holds 14 hooks + accessories

Measures 6 x 4.5 x 2.5"

Handmade from Maple and Rosewood

Includes bonus tape measure (white + red color)

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Furls + Chetnanigans: Working Together for Crocheters

Fiberarts Entrepreneurs

"Although it wasn’t the perfect design, the idea of the product was born! Over the next 24 hours, we received over 4,000 likes! In our first month, we processed over 50 orders for a total of 70 items."

Chetnanigans' story epitomizes the craft business success story. Read it all right here.

When Harrison Richards heard Chetnanigans' story, it reminded him an awful lot of Furls'. A passionate woodworker. A surprise stumbling into an underserved, but hungry, community. An Etsy store, uncontrollable sales, and almost unanimous product love!

Meet Sean and Holly, the Chetnanigans team.

Made with Love - from Furls + Chetnanigans

A natural Partnership

Chetnanigans and Furls have the same mission: enrich crocheters' craft through innovative, handmade products. We knew that we had to work together. We were introduced. We spoke over the phone. We rejoiced about everything we could do together for crocheters.

Now, we're happy to introduce the first batch of Furls' 14 hooks Organizers by Chetnanigans. Sean and the Chetnanigans team put just as much - if not more - care, love, and attention to detail into handcrafting these beautiful stands.

And now, by teaming up, Furls can bring these wonderful artworks to crocheters across the world. We have no doubt that, as we move forward, Chetnanigans and Furls' collaboration will change the way that you, the fiberartists we dedicate ourselves to every day, will be able to crochet more, with more fun, and with more possibilities than ever before.

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