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$49 each

New Release:
Yarn Bowls + Hook Stands

Masterfully hand crafted yarn bowls and 12 hook stands are now available for our beautiful Candy Shop hooks! Made out of professional grade polyresin, sculpted into beautiful taffy swirls, and finished with bright bubblegum pink paint, these pieces are the most jaw-dropping, eye-catching, desire-inducing Candy Shop accessories out there! Complete your Candy Set and get them all.

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Sweet Tooth?

Treat your eyes

You crochet. You make art. Why not make your art with art? Furls' artisans handmake every Candy Shop hook in breathtaking colors and gorgeous shapes so that you can enjoy using a beautiful tool while you make beautiful things. Life is too short to use an ugly hook.

Treat your hands

Eventually, repetitive motion will wear out your hands and wrists. Protect yourself and your body with an ergonomic hook that is light, smooth, and designed for the human hand. Every Furls hook is sculpted to releive tension in the MCP (metacarpaphalangeal) joint in the human hand and backed by a $500 hand health warranty so you can crochet without worry.

Treat your projects

Will your projects notice the difference in a Furls hook? Absolutely! Straighter rows and more even stitches are natural consequences of a hook that fits into and relaxes your hand. Customers say their crochet is often mistaken for knitting when they use a Furls hook because of the straightness of their stitches!

"I love this hook!"

"This is the most fantastic hook I own. I can't get over how beautiful and how awesome it feels holding it. As a crochet designer, the weight and the feel are really important to me, since I spend hours and hours doing repetitive motion"
- Lianka Azulay, Bonita Patterns

"Oh my goodness. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing the hooks are. [...] First off I have carpel tunnel so crocheting for over 20 min at a time doesn't happen. I was in heaven, no pain at all. And still 3 hours later, I still have no pain. This is a Godsend. Bless you! You have a life long customer here."
- Amanda Cox Sylva, Amanda's Beanies, California

"I sent an e-mail to Furls for a replacement candy hook thinking it would take a week or two for a response, much to my surprise it was 48 hours. I was also helped immediately, with quick response time and my replacement was sent out - can't wait for the new one!"
- Felice Shlizerman, 1001Knits

"The Candy Shop crochet hook is also very easy to use and grips the yarn without flaw. I have carpel tunnel from years of typing and crafting. These hooks release the pressure off of my wrist, making it easier and faster to use, and I can work longer because of the lightweight feel. I would recommend any product from Furls."
Keturah Ariel, Crochet Savvy

100% Handmade

Hand Cast

First, the PolyResin base of the Candy Shop hook is poured by hand into our molds. The molds are left in a pressure pot to set and once the PolyResin has cured, the hook is removed by a surgical blade.

Hand Sanded

After casting, each Candy is meticulously sanded through 5 levels of smoothness to remove any imperfections or seams from the mold.

Hand Painted

After sanding, the Candy Shop hook is primed with an aluminum base (giving it slight sparklessence) and then painted with automotive grade paints and clear coats until the finish *pops*!

Tasty Perks:

Risk-Free Shopping

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$500 Hand Health Warranty

No-Questions-Asked Replacements, Exchanges, and Refunds

*All orders placed before 2:00pm CST are shipped the same day. Everything else is shipped the following business day. No weekend shipping; we like to let everyone here relax on the weekends!

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