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Limited Edition Streamline - Padauk

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About this hook

Padauk (pa-dook)

Charming, lightweight, and bright red, African Padauk is a sustainable timber with a rich history of appreciation by royals, high end furniture, and - now - crochet hooks.

Legened has it that King Solomon used Padauk for his temple's pillars & centuries later French King Louis XV ordered his chalices to be made of Padauk (for its rumored medicinal qualities)

Limited Edition

Now, we're featuring the colorful wood of Solomon and Louis XV in our first limited edition run of Streamline hooks for Valentine's Day 2018.

What better way to celebrate a day of romance than with a new hook - one that's striking in color, beautiful in the hand, a joy to use, and very affordable.





photos + patterns by Jessica Carey


Streamline crocheters may have noticed that certain woods have variations in color. Camwood is highly consistent in almost all hooks. Ebony has the occasional streak of grey or brown with a bright sapwood appearance every now and then

Rosewood, the most varied of Streamlines, can shift across a spectrum of brown, purple, and orange, often with sharp changes in light and dark in a single hook.

Padauk, by contrast, is extremely consistent in color and maintains a crimson to dark blood red base with subtle light pink grain lines.

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