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Pure Pewter Knit Jewelry

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Knit Pendant (metallic) $32.99 $26.99
Knit Pendant (red yarn) $34.99 $28.99
Knit Brooch (metallic) $32.99 $26.99
Knit Brooch (red yarn) $34.99 $28.99

Wear Your Passion

At Furls Fiberarts, we believe that every knitter should be proud of the exquisite craft they uphold and the beauty they bring to the world. We had to create something to commemorate the spirit of the knitter; enter our Pure Pewter Knit Jewelry. For the knitter who needs a beautifully quaint accessory for the next knit-night or the yarnie wanting to show-off a little special something during the yarn crawl, a Furls Knit Jewelry piece will bring a brilliant fiberarts glimmer to your experience. 

How It's Made

Each stunning piece of Furls’ crochet jewelry is hand-cast from the most pure pewter in the world at the Furls casting studio in California. After being removed from the molds, every pendant is inspected for quality and then polished with love and care to a eye-catching, fiberartist-drool-inducing luster. 

Product Specs

Each Furls Knit pendant arrives on an 18", Sterling Silver Snake Chain, as pictured in the photographs. Both the Knit pendants and brooches are approximately 1 inch wide and 1/2 inch in height.



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