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Furls Streamline Swirl Galaxy - Andromeda & Virgo

Quarantine Crochet Kit
Hook + Yarn + Patterns Normally $38, now $28 & ships free One-click checkout, or customize your kit Click to see more & grab your goodies!

Virgo 0
Andromeda 0

galaxy streamlines with swirl and sparkle

About Swirl


Lighter, slower, more affordable, comfortable.

Weight 0.5oz 25
Speed Polished wood. Mild grab. 50
Ergonomics Streamline ergonomics 80
Price $16-20 15


Slightly more dense, faster, more exclusive, comfortable.

Weight 0.75oz 35
Speed Polished, nonporous resin. Minimal grab. 80
Ergonomics Streamline ergonomics 80
Price $22 20


What are Streamline Swirl hooks made out of?

Streamline Swirl hooks are first hand cast with a cosmetic-quality resin and resin-based pigments and then turned and carved to the ergonomic Streamline shape

Are Streamline Swirl hooks sized?

Yes, all Streamline Swirl hooks have their size engraved on the body of the hook just like the wooden Streamlines

Are these the same size as the wooden Streamlines?

Yes, they have the same length, width, and ergonomic proportions as the wooden Streamlines. The resin Streamlines are 0.2 - 0.3 oz heavier than the wooden Streamlines. For comparison, a wooden Streamline is 0.5 oz, a resin Streamline is 0.75 oz, and an Odyssey is 1.5 oz.

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