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Candy Shop Caddy

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8 hook stand $198.00 Sold out Sold out

For Candy Shop collectors:

Modeled after a vintage candy shop, this stunning hook stand was designed by master sculptor Ron Lee to be the final piece in the Candy Shop collection.

It features a delightful awning to shade the base of each Candy Shop hook, barbershop curl trim around the base, and two antique flourishes bordering the proud "Candy Shop" declaration. The top of the caddy is capped by a fleur-de-lis roof and, finally, the back is honorably embossed with "Furls". All text, the flourishes, and the awning detail is all painted with a brush in a master-craftsman's hand.

Each Candy Shop Caddy takes 14 hours from start to finish and is created with the same cosmetic-quality PolyResin and automotive grade paint. This is not just any hook stand, but a truly unique, painstakingly handmade collectors piece.


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Candy Shop Caddy
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