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State-Of-The-Art Construction

The Odyssey's nickel-plated pewter neck is chrome-smooth, making for easy stitches and great crocheting speed.

Improved Crochet Mechanics

The Odyssey's unique center of balance creates a weight differential, driving hand energy into crocheting momentum rather than hand strain.

Made For The Human Hand

A new streamlined shape is extremely comfortable and relieves acute tension in knuckles, hands, and wrists.

Balance Weight driven forward into metal tip for crocheting momentum 25
Weight 1.5-2x heavier than a wooden hook 67
Speed Nickel-plated head decreases time spent on each stitch 80
Warmth Ability to hold natural heat from hand 6
Ergonomics Streamlined ergonomic body matches hand comfortably 63
Price $29.99 13

When I started Furls, I carved every single hook by hand. Crocheters loved our wooden hooks, the only hooks we offered at the time, but wanted a hook that was more affordable; Something equally beautiful, ergonomic, and handmade that wouldn’t break the bank if they bought the whole set.

Finally, in July 2015, we released the Furls Odyssey. It took years of crochet hook research and product development and distilled them into an amazing crocheting machine. We purposefully put more weight in the front of the hook to drive hand energy into crocheting momentum. We made sure the tip of the hook was the smoothest possible surface to allow for stitches to effortlessly glide back and forth, even in cotton. Again, we sculpted the body of this hook so that it sits perfectly in the MCP (metacarpophalangeal) joint of your hand and eliminates repetitive motion stress.

Try this hook. Furls guarantees that this hook will make crocheting easier, your stitches more effortless, and your hands more comfortable. I promise you’ll love it. And if for any reason it’s not your thing, we’ll take care of the return and refund 100% of your purchase.


Harrison Richards

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