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Furls Fiberarts

Spring 2019 Limited Edition Hooks

Due to the nature of the woods, color may vary.

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Limited Edition Snakewood Crochet Hook

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Limited Edition Collector's Hooks

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8 limited edition species - 1 special launch

Our March 2019 batch of limited editions is a re-release of our most popular limited edition Alpha Series hooks so far, PLUS one very special new wood - Thuya Burl.

Thuya Burl

About Thuya Burl

Thuya Burl is our prize of the March 2019 limited edition batch. This Moroccan beauty is our first ever burled wood and features gorgeous cinnamon to amber coloring with dark spotting and 'eyes'.

The Thuya tree is a member of the cedar family and this wood has been sustainably harvested from the root and trunk burls. The ancient greeks used to extract Thuya oil for ceremonial incense.

40 made / 40 remaining

Burled wood has a more delicate internal structure than non-burled wood, so sizes below 6.0mm have been excluded from this batch of Thuya.

Never before released


About Snakewood

Snakewood is beloved for the dark brown serpentine spots that slither across its surface. Snakewood is extremely difficult to carve and only grows as a small shrub in Central and South America, so very little of it is made available every year.

Because of its extreme density and hardness, it takes an incredible shine and there’s no other wood on earth quite like it.

40 made / 40 remaining

First introduced: November 2016 (58 hooks)

Masur Birch

About Masur Birch

No one really knows what causes the signature grain pattern of Masur Birch, a rare Norweigian wood which we were lucky enough to acquire for this limited edition release.

These ultra-limited pieces we’re releasing here are decorated with some of the finest scrimshaw black lines, birdseye-like dotting, and curly grain. This is one of the most figured and rare woods we’ve ever released making it the perfect hook for the distinguished Furls collector.

40 made / 40 remaining


About Zebrawood

Zebrawood was first recorded in the British Customs returns for 1773, when 180 pieces of Zebrawood were imported from what is now Nicaragua for its incredible color and striping. It was so different from anything British woodworkers had ever seen before that it became an immediate hit.

Many french fashion houses have chosen this wood to line their stores in Paris. Both dense and lightweight, it's a dream to crochet with

40 made / 40 remaining

First introduced: November 2016 (131 hooks)

Birdseye Maple

About Birdseye Maple

No scientific evidence has explained exactly why Hard Maple develops Birdseye figure, a highly sought-after dotting, spotting, and curling of the grain. Its bright cream base is lined by warm amber and spotted with mysterious eyes.

When select Hard Maple lumber is milled for more basic projects, the finest specimens with Birdseye figuring are separated for fine furniture, instruments, and limited edition Furls hooks. Very lightweight.

40 made / 40 remaining

First introduced: November 2016 (134 hooks)

Pink Ivory

About Pink Ivory

The stunning watermelon-pink grain of Pink Ivory has been treasured by royal families for centuries. Legend has it that European royalty coveted this wood so much, and one point its price was higher than diamonds.

Now it's easier to get your hands on and makes an incredible crochet hook. No relation to ivory here; this wood is now sustainably harvested in extremely limited quantities.

40 made / 40 remaining

First introduced: October 2015 (250 hooks)

Second release: October 2016 (350 hooks)

Third release: October 2017 (160 hooks)


About Kingwood

Due to its stability and beauty, Kingwood was the most expensive wood used in fine furniture making in the 17th century , garnering the name "The Prince's Wood" and later evolving into Kingwood.

Gentle gradients of purple, violet, indigo, orchid, and, suddenly, almost infinitely deep black, cannot be ignored! A Kingwood hook will sit in your hand, gently whispering to you like a siren, beckoning you to indulge, just for a moment, in its beauty.

40 made / 40 remaining

First introduced: December 2015 (175 hooks)


About Tambooti

Dark, ruddy brown with occasional highlights of bright, white sapwood. Medium-high density with smooth surface texture and good crocheting speed. Sustainably harvested.

Tambooti is most notably prized amongst fine woodwind instrument makers because of its beautiful tonal properties and moisture resistance

40 made / 40 remaining

First introduced: July 2017 (78 made)


About Holly

This is one of the only truly white woods on earth. Holly is naturally blanched by mother-nature and grows throughout the northern United States and Europe.

An incredibly light hook (lighter than bamboo) with high thermal density, it's a great hook to hold and, because of its contrast, work dark yarn.

40 made / 40 remaining

First introduced: May 2016 (110 made)

Second Release: May 2017 (110 made)

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