Wood + Acrylic Limited Edition Crochet Hooks

Koa Swirl
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Mango Swirl
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Koa Crystal
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Mango Crystal
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See the world inside your hook

How They're Made

We take our standard wood blanks and use an incredible amount of pressure to split the blank in half - this leaves an incredibly jagged natural split.

Resin + Wood

We then pour artistic resins - filled with white swirled dye or a little bit of glitter - between the split edges to fuse the blank back together.

Limited Editions

We then go through our meticulous handcarving and polishing processes to make these incredibly unique hooks shine. There's nothing quite like them.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Please take care not to leave your Acrylic Alphas in direct sunlight. Resin may discolor.

Clear resin contains a drop of glitter

Swirl Resin with Mango Wood

Crystal Clear Resin with Mango Wood

Swirl Resin with Koa Wood

Same ergonomic hooks - new fantastic material

Crystal Clear Resin with Koa Wood

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