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Limited Edition Alpha Series - Dyed Burl

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Due to the unique wood and dying process, color will vary.

Pink + Blue
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Orange + Black
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Red + Yellow
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Handmade; Colors may vary

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Limited Edition: Only 296 hooks made

What makes burled wood?

Burl wood forms when the tree experiences some manner of stress, creating a scrambled growth on the trunk or roots. The resulting woodgrain of these chaotic divergences is prized for its beauty and rarity. Our Alpha Burl hooks are made from USA burled Maple.

The dyeing process

Each burled Maple wood blank is placed into pressure pots of dye one color at a time – this process injects the color deep into the woodgrain. The burl creates fascinating, multi-layered patterns naturally.

Handmade hooks

Each Alpha Burl hook is then hand-carved from the burled maple, sanded to a buttery smoothness, and sealed for durability and a gorgeous shine.







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