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Limited Edition Koa Crochet Hooks

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AA - $109 0
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Stunning Hawaiian Koa in three gallery grades of figure and grain. Warm tones of bright honey-gold, rich brown, and amber curl together into gem-like, highly reflective crochet hooks.

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Three Gallery Grades

A - $99/hook

24 made

Mild figure, beautiful grain. Distinguished Koa.

AA - $109/hook

32 made

Active figure, light chatoyance and reflective property. Rare Koa.

AAA - $119/hook

28 made

Wild figure - high, gem-like chatoyance. The rarest Koa.

About Hawaiian Koa Crochet Hooks

Sustainably sourced from Hawaiian Acacia trees.

Frequently used for $5,000+ guitars and luxury furniture.

Incredible coloring, gem-like holographics, ergonomic styling.

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