Limited Edition Crochet Hooks

90 made - left

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Golden - Chatoyant - Bespoke

One of A Kind

We sourced this gorgeous sustainable wood, related to the Macadamia nut tree, from Latin America and handmade a small batch of 90 bespoke hooks in Rusk, Texas so you can enjoy a hook that's like no other in the world.

Spots and Stripes

This charming honey-gold hook is flecked throughout with Leopard-like spots and stripes of this species' natural 'medullary rays' - the horizontal adaptive grain that reinforces certain trees' vertical grain - that shine silver and yellow in the light.

90 made - left

100% satisfaction guarantee

Honey Gold + Graham Cracker coloring

Silver + Tan flecks of medullary rays

Dotted & Dressed like a wild cat

Ergonomic. Handmade. One of a Kind

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