Odyssey Crochet Hook

Hook body color may vary.

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better stiches + glide 11 gorgeous colors 90-day money back guarantee handmade in USA

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Black 0
Red 0
Purple 0
Peach 0
Turquoise 0
Pink 0
Blue 0
Yellow 0
White 0
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Silver + Nickel $36-$38/each


Black + Nickel $36-$38/each


Red + Nickel $36-$38/each


Purple + Nickel $36-$38/each


Peach + Nickel $36-$38/each


Turquoise + Nickel $36-$38/each


Lime + Nickel $36-$38/each


Pink + Nickel $36-$38/each


** Please note: due to adjustments based on availability during COVID, the new Pink Odysseys may be darker than those purchased before March of 2020.

Blue + Nickel $36-$38/each


Yellow + Nickel $36-$38/each


White + Nickel $36-$38/each


I LOVE my furls Odyssey hooks ... I have fibromyalgia and arthritis, and have had both carpal tunnel releases done, but with these hooks I can crochet as long as I want with no fatigue or pain. THANK YOU SO MUCH for a spectacular product.

Donna H.

Reliable performance in a rainbow of hues

The luxury automotive paint that covers every Odyssey product is filled with sparkle and multi-level color to dazzle the eyes.

Strength and Speed

The sturdy tips and balanced, ergonomic body will have you cruising through your projects.

Having such a smooth and rounded crochet hook tip makes it so much easier to insert your hook into your stitches, you will notice how much faster and more efficiently you can work using these crochet hooks.

Nicole R.

Choose how you accessorize

Most Odyssey colors also come on must-have accessories: match or mix it up!

Single and Multi-hook Organizers

Display your Odysseys proudly, whether it be one or a whole set.

Yarn Bowls

Sturdy and smooth to keep those yarn cakes contained.

The proof is in the projects

Thousands of crocheters love the comfort and crochet enhancements of the Odyssey hooks. Crochet better with a better hook.

I cannot stress this enough, YOU NEED A WHOLE SET IN YOUR LIFE! [...] The best part is, this hook glides through the yarn like butter!

Rachael D.

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