Handmade Wooden Crochet Hooks: Alpha Series

Handmade crochet hook in rich Cocobolo wood wooden crochet hook in pink Tulipwood  crochet hooks in dark Blackwood Handmade wooden crochet hook in royal Purpleheart Bespoke crochet hook in warm Rosewood Handmade crochet hook in bright Olivewood Luxury wooden crochet hook in deep Bloodwood It's Bocote!

$84.00 each

Due to the nature of woodgrain, colors may vary.

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Comfort, Beauty, & Even Stitches

What Crochet Designers Say:

Though I usually crochet with the pencil hold, I occasionally use the knife grip - and this hook was incredibly comfortable in both positions. I've crocheted for hour after hour with my Furls and never suffered the hand fatigue that used to slow me down. I can't wait to use it again - my Furls has pride of place in my collection!

Tamara Kelly , Crochet Designer, Author, and Founder of Moogly Blog


The inimitable original

Our Signature Hook

This is the hook that started it all! Founder Harrison Richards began making these hooks from his parents' garage. To this day, each Alpha Series hook is made one-by-one, by hand, and is completely one of a kind. There will be no other hook with your hook's unique combination of grain, wood, size, and shape - which we leave up to the artists at the moment of creation.

8 Different Woods

Sustainably sourced, best selected for their beauty & durability. Tulipwood, Cocobolo, Blackwood, Purpleheart, Bloodwood, Olivewood, Rosewood, and Bocote offer every naturally existing wood color in a stunning collection of grain and figure.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Handmade Crochet Hook Slideshow

Behind the Scenes: making the Alpha Series

how Furls polishes smooth handmade crochet hooks

We start with a blank ...

Each hook starts as a blank - an individual piece of timber that came from a unique part of a unique tree - selected for its beauty and with a grain and figure you will see nowhere else.

Carve it to perfection ...

The blanks are carved by our Master Woodworkers in Rusk, TX and Manteca, CA, to meticulous ergonomic standards and scandalously luxurious design elements. They look great and feel even better.

And polish it to glass.

After carving, each Alpha Series hook is hand sanded, taken through 7 stages of micropolishing, and then finished to a glass-like surface to ensure a flawless crochet experience.

First off I have carpel tunnel so crocheting for over 20 min at a time doesn't happen. I was in heaven, no pain at all. And still 3 hours later, I have no pain. This is a Godsend. Bless you! You have a life long customer here.

Amanda Cox Sylva, Amanda's Beanies, California

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