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North America's Strongest Wood Species
Each of these 375 Desert Ironwood hooks started their lives over 75 years ago when, by some miracle of nature, they sprouted from their seeds in Arizona’s most arid soils. The Desert Ironwood shrub has developed two unique characterics that allow it to survive where other trees cannot: an oily sap that slows the evaporation of water inside and a beautiful pattern of interlocking grain that allows its pores to become so tight that they hold on to every last drop of water.
What Makes
This Hook Different
Own a Desert Ironwood hook today because there is no hook like it. As they rose up to the blaring Arizona sun, conserving all the water they could; they tightly compressed stunning layers of yellow into circles around the warm amber grain which then explode into vast swathes of jet black. The grain is perfectly linear, completely singular in direction, and then suddenly a sharp curve darts into a jagged fractal of color.
Completely Handmade
The pores of Desert Ironwood are so dense and so tight, compacted by years of heavy winds, low moisture, and oily protectant, that the crocheting surface of each of these hooks is about twice as smooth as a wood like Purpleheart, with very open pores. Imagine Blackwood or Cocobolo with an extra layer of ultra-smooth, satin finish.
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