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Furls Crochet Winter 2016 Limited Edition Crochet Hooks Limited Edition Ziricote Crochet Hook Crochet Hook Furls E - 3.5mm Limited Edition Ziricote Crochet Hook Crochet Hook Furls E - 3.5mm Limited Edition Ziricote Crochet Hook Crochet Hook Furls E - 3.5mm Limited Edition Ziricote Crochet Hook Crochet Hook Furls E - 3.5mm
Limited Edition Ziricote Crochet Hook

Category: Alpha

Type: Crochet Hook

Vendor: Furls

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2016 Winter Limited Edition Hooks

Birdseye Maple ( / 134 available )

Snakewood ( / 58 available )

Zebrawood ( / 131 available )

Ziricote ( / 152 available )

North America’s Mystery Wood.

No scientific evidence can explain exactly why Hard Maple develops Birdseye figure, a highly sought-after dotting, spotting, and curling of the grain. Its bright cream base is lined by warm amber and spotted with mysterious eyes.

When select Hard Maple lumber is milled for more basic projects, the finest specimens with Birdseye figuring are separated for fine furniture, instruments, and now a batch of limited edition Furls hooks.

Furls’ most exclusive crochet hook ever.

Snakewood, so called for the dark brown serpentine spots that slither across its surface, is the prized wood we’ve chosen for our most limited hook release ever.

Why were so few of these made? Snakewood is extremely difficult to carve and only grows as a small shrub in Central and South America, so very little of it is made available every year.

The upside? It takes an incredible shine and there’s no other wood on earth quite like it. Don’t miss your opportunity to own our most rare collectable thus far.

A favorite amongst 18th Century British Cabinet Makers

Zebrawood was first recorded in the British Customs returns for 1773, when 180 pieces of Zebrawood were imported from what is now Nicaragua for its incredible color and striping.

It was so different from anything British woodworkers had ever seen before that it became an immediate hit. And it’s only increased in popularity.

Hermes chose this wood to line their store in Paris. Now, we’ve chosen this wood for your crocheting pleasure.

In appearance, Zebrawood is Bocote’s near, but much more sophisticated and less erratic, relative.

Deceptive, Interlocking, & Spiderweb Grain

At first glance, the untrained eye sees any other dark-chocolately brown wood. You come closer and see hills, valleys, and clouds bursting in layers of interlocking grain. And when you bring your eye right up to Ziricote, it unleashes the most spectacular array of explosive swirls, marbled spiderwebs, and fractal patterns.

These hooks also feature the rare interlocking grain of Ziricote, a unique biological adaptation to strengthen the tree as it grows.

This is a brilliantly fun wood to have in a hook. Set it down for your friends to admire. They’ll ask when you got your Blackwood hook. Make them look closer, and watch as their eyes undress the infinte dancing grain in Ziricote.

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