2017 Summer Sale - Furls Crochet

20% off all our newest and hottest products

It's hot and we're over 50% of the way through 2017! Time to celebrate with great savings on every new product we've released this year. 

Use the code SummerFun for 20% all of the following products.

Also enjoy free shipping on US orders over $125, and free shipping on INTL orders over $250

Odyssey Gold

For the Uber Crochet

A new combination of a pewter core plated with 14K gold creates a crocheting tip like no other - frictionless, light weight, and unhindered by tight stitches. Indulge in our most luxurious crocheting tip yet - a talking piece of crochet luxury and performance.

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Special thanks to The Hook Nook for this great photo!

Desert Ironwood Limited Edition Hooks

Only 58 left

Own a Desert Ironwood hook today because there is no hook like it. As they rose up to the blaring Arizona sun, conserving all the water they could; they tightly compressed stunning layers of yellow into circles around the warm amber grain which then explode into vast swathes of jet black.

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Summer 2017 Limited Edition Hooks

4 hooks, less than 40 of each left

Discover 4 beautifully bright woods that we've never featured before in our latest Limited Edition hooks: Flame Birch, Canarywood, Tambootie, and Osage Orange. Can you guess which one was used by the Native Americans in their bows?

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Leather Clutches


Naturally flexible leather provides the perfect hold around each Furls Crochet hook, or up to 3 conventional hooks, in each slot. Keep your most needed and loved tools right at hand and ready to travel anywhere with you.

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Special thanks to Amidorable Crochet for this great photo!

Yarn Bowls

Our wooden bowls are back!

We've finally restocked one of our most popular items: Yarn bowls! And we've made them better with (1) darker wood grain after switching from Acacia to sustainably harvested Sheesham wood, (2) a smoother surface, flawless inside, and no checking or cracking since using an improved wood drying + finishing method and (3) heavier bowl body, meaning your bowl stays in place even with a good tug!

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