The $323,000 Crocheter

Furls had a hunch

In February 2013, Furls Fiberarts sent out exclusive invitations to 15 of our clients to join a closed-door business-building academy led by Harrison Richards, Founder and President of Furls.

Our hunch was that crocheters, knitters, and fiberartists empowered with the right business tools would grow and run some of the most beautiful businesses on earth.

We were right

Of the 15 invitations Furls sent out, however, only 4 of the recipients applied to the academy and of those 4, only 1 ended up staying on board with us for more than a month.

The story herein describes her business journey. She has requested that we not use her real name for personal and privacy reasons, but has allowed us to use Sara as her alias.

Strategic Beginnings:

Harrison spent the first 8 weeks of the business academy exploring business techniques with Sara. He wanted to make Sara a marketing, branding, and business finance guru in as little time as possible.

After about 40 days, Sara started to think and see like an entrepreneur. She'd identified several huge areas of opportunity for crochet related businesses and was ready to start.

Sara would take something that she had been crocheting as a unique home decor item for a long time and start an online business selling these items wholesale to speciality retail outlets across the US.

She identified her target market.

She studied their needs.

She knew what they wanted.

And she was going to give it to them.

Harrison and Sara had made countless models together, tested advertising methods, and measured focus group responses. In April, they officially published the new site online.

How to hit the ground running

The first two days, Harrison and Sara anxiously watched as their marketing program brought huge waves of visitors but clocked no sales. Then, on day three, they landed a breakthrough of $832.49 in sales.

Day 4 and 5 were even better. By mid May, after just one month of operation, the business had grossed over $18,000 and Harrison turned the business completely over to Sara, only joining it once every 30 days as an advisory board member.

A new life

Over the past year, Sara’s new craft business turned over $323,862.94 in revenue, with sales in 47 states and 12 countries, and has taken on 8 employees.

Sara is an Illinois native and the mother of 3 children. Her proudest achievement is the entirely new quality of life her family enjoys thanks to the financial freedom afforded by her new venture.

Even Harrison was surprised at how fast Sara’s business took over her market. He’s consulted dozens of business, but remarks that he’d never seen a business grow so suddenly.

How Sara did it...

How did this growth happen so quickly for someone who had no formal business education?



Harrison had laid out a strict roadmap for Sara to follow, and she followed it beautifully, which set her up for fluid success.

Business is 1% what you do, and 99% how you do it.

Now, we want to show other crocheters, knitters, spinners, and fiberartists to do the same.

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