Story of the $ 6 million Blogger

( And other Craft Business Lessons )

Hosted by the Furls Business Mastery Academy

Furls Business Mastery Academy

Three of our Success Stories:

Darla Lake,
North Carolina

"I've been crocheting 44 years now and never thought I could make any income as a pattern designer. With Harrison's newsletter, it was easy for me to see myself selling patterns, so I made a plan with Furls' help and now I sell so many patterns my children are starting to complain about how but I spoil my grandkids!

Eden Tullis, Washington

"I subscribed to this newsletter thinking it would be just something nice to read in my spare time, but it has completely motivated and changed the way I do business. I see more opportunities, more potential, and more freedom for myself as a crafter and a business woman now. Thank you.

Blaire Jandt, California

"Wow. I just wanted to email and say thank you for your business mastery academy. I've done a few business courses in the past, but yours was the one that I learned the most practical, useable information from that I can actually put to work and see results in my business immediately. Thanks again for helping transform my business."

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What you will learn:

  • How to monetize A blog : Lesson 1
  • How to Bring Your Product to Market : Lesson 2
  • Build a Beautiful, Caring Business : Lesson 3
  • Triple Social Media Engagement : Lesson 4
  • Increase Sales by 32% Every Month : Lesson 5
  • Building a Web Business for Non-Techies : Lesson 6
  • Designing Irresistable Products : Lesson 7

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Now is the greatest time of opportunity for crafters in business. Why? Nurturing a successful business, blog, or creative venture requires time, patience, and care. These are the natural attributes of creative people, but most business people lack them and end up killing their business. You have the ability and skills needed to grow a business slowly and carefully, so that it's successfull long term.

Your Teacher: Craft Business Goes Global

Learn how Furls founder Harrison Richards took Furls from a small Etsy shop and turned it into an internationally celebrated company with sales in all 50 states, 17 countries, and over 10,000 Facebook fans in under a year. You'll learn his strategies for discovering winning products, jump-starting young businesses and blogs, and multiplying the profits of mature companies.

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