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The most comfortable hook on earth. Guaranteed.

You have a joint in your hand that controls the tendons and ligaments that roll over your wrist and through your hand.

It’s called your metacarpalphalangeal joint.

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Meta… what?

We’ll call it your MCP joint for short. Excessive repetitive motion causes wear and tear to your MCP and your Transverse Carpal Ligament (TCL), especially as you get older.

Smaller objects need more acute pressure to hold. Larger objects need less acute pressure and distribute that pressure more evenly.

How to beat hand strain?

Crocheting with thin hooks for extended period of time can be overwhelmingly strenuous to hands, wrists, fingers, and shoulders. Often times this leads to Carpal Tunnel and Arthritis, especially as the crocheter crochets for more and more years.

That’s exactly why our signature hook design features a bulbous middle grip.

It is the EXACT width of the average MCP joint in a human hand so that you can apply less pressure and create more even, light stitches. Rather than apply 7-8 times the pressure on a hook that is too thin for your hands to naturally hold, we built a hook that allows you to relax your fingers around their resting MCP width.

#1 Company Objective: Make Stitches Easier

Aluminum is a great, inexpensive material for making all-purpose tools.

It is not a great material for crochet performance.

A crocheter needs 3 things in a crochet tip:

1- Overall lightness

2- Frictionless glide

3- A directional center of gravity

We’ve poured years of R+D into crochet mechanics to make a better tip fitting exactly these 3 criteria.

First, our tips are cast into our proprietary inline/tapered fusion heads in extremely lightweight pewter.

Then we use sophisticated electromagnetic plating to cover the pewter with 3 microscopic layers of nickel. This adds a 300% strength increase and creates such a flawless surface that crocheters are often shocked by 1 thing when they first use an Odyssey hook.

What is it?


The nickel surface creates so little friction with yarn that it makes almost no perceptible sound. Aluminum hooks, on the other hand, are known for being little squeakers. Aluminum is a porous metal. Its porosity creates friction and drag with yarn. This leads to pestering little squeeks but also tigther stitches and more hand strain because more effort is required to complete a stitch.

95% of customers report faster crocheting and more even stitches within the first 2 weeks.

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"My crochet looks like knitting!"

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