Giveaways and Promotions

First of all, a big thanks from everyone at Furls for partnering with us in our effort to spread the word about wonderful fiberarts goodies! We’re so excited to build a great network of the creative bloggers, pattern designers, companies, and influencers in our industry.

We’ve outlined some steps below for successful cross-promotion and sharing. This isn’t rocket science and we’re totally open to you sharing how you’d like, but we want to share our methods for bests and success that we’ve develop after doing dozens of cross promotions and partnerships.

We also need a few things from you to make your post as smooth as possible! The general format for information and images of yours is featured below; again these are just guideline based on what we’ve had the most success with but please feel free to make suggestions and amendments as you please!

How to Host a Giveaway

Joint Sharing + Cross Promotion