odyssey presale timeline

Step One:Body Casting

Orders #10762 through #10653

Description: The first stage of making a beautiful Odyssey crochet hook is making the cosmetic grade body. Below are some photos that show (1) the pouring of the liquid resin into the body molds, (2) the waiting period while the bodies cure in the mold, (3) removal of the bodies from the mold by hand and (4) the first stage of sanding and smoothing the bodies.  

  • Pouring resin into the body molds
  • Letting the bodies cure
  • Removing the bodies, one by one
  • Sanding each body by hand

Step Two:Metal Casting & Plating

Orders #10652 through #10566

Description: After the bodies are made, it's time to make the working tip! This is where the crochet magic happens, and requires us to (1) pour molten pewter into the tip mold, (2) spin the pewter at high speeds to evenly distribute metal through the molds, (3) hand pick the tips from the mold and (4) delicately dip the tips in the plating bath, which runs an electrical current through the pieces to attract a thin film of our plating Nickel to the pewter tip, adding a chrome-like shine, smoothness, and 30% extra strength! 

  • Pouring molten pewter.
  • Closing the mold spinner.
  • Hook tips fresh out of the mold.
  • Hook tips after a plating bath!

Step Three:Painting, Assembly, & Finishing

Orders #10565 through #10422

Description: Time to put all the gorgeous pieces together! Look at (1) the tips going through their final buffing to ensure a seamlessly smooth crocheting surface, (2) the hand painting of each body with automotive strength, jet black paint, (3) bodies drying and curing together and (4) our meticulous hand gluing of each tip before we center it inside its body!

  • Final Tip Buffing
  • Painting and finishing an Odyssey body
  • Odyssey bodies drying together
  • Getting ready to marry tips and bodies!

Step Four:Packing & Shipping

Orders #10421 through #9249

Description: We went all out on the Odyssey packaging. Every Odyssey arrives in a beautifully designed telescoping box, snuggled in red-wine velvet foam. The box in the photo below is just a teaser; when you see the final packaging your jaw will drop! All of the first ordered hooks are in packaging as of August 10th, and we can't box these hooks fast enough! We're ecstatic for you to receive your first edition Odysseys.

  • Fitting snuggly in its velvet box