Odyssey Size Updates

UPDATED in 2004
The following article was written many years ago. Once upon a time, Furls Odyssey hooks were not marked in any way. About 6 years ago we added stickers to the bottom of each Odyssey hook. We are looking into a permanent marking solution, stay tuned.

Odyssey Hooks Now Sized

Furls really prides itself in listening to our crocheters. That's how we created our hooks in the first place and it's how we intend to keep making our hooks better in the future.

I'm happy to announce today that ALL Odyssey crochet hooks will be sized with a small red letter on their tail moving forward.

I'm also happy to announce that if you have ever purchased an unsized Odyssey hook and want to exchange it for a sized hook, we will do that for you for free.

Instructions for Exchange:
Just email support@furlscrochet.com and our lovely customer care specialist Joy will send you (1) a return label for you to send your old hook back to us and (2) a new, sized Odyssey hook, in the sizes of your choosing. You MUST return your old hook back to us in good condition for us to send one back out to you. 

Just so you know, we're expecting quite a few request for replacements so please be patient as Joy gets back to you. We also need to make sure we have enough Odyssey's in stock for continuing sales, so it may take us a few days to process your exchange. Just bear with us and we'll take of you :)

This was one of your biggest requests in making these beautiful hooks even better and we worked our butts off to make it happen.

And I know, I know, you'd think it was a super simple solution to fix. Aren't there machines that can just print letters right on to the hook?

It's a little more complicated than that.

Furls is still a small business and we make every Odyssey hook by hand. The machinery we need to print at high volume would both (1) require an enormous amount of capital and (2) ruin the clear coat that we spend so long carefully applying for that seamless finish.

So we tried stamping. And decals. And painting. Nothing really worked. We tried a lot of things that ruined the final finish because of chemical reactions between glues and clear coats.

Finally, we settled on an ultra thin registered adhesive decal that's applied to the end of the hook. We've gone through extensive testing to make sure it's durable, and it certainly is.

And, as always, if it ever comes us because you accidentally let the family dog loose on it, we'll replace it for you.


Harrison Richards
President, Furls Crochet