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Furls Fiberarts

Handmade Wood Crochet Hooks: Alpha Series

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Wooden Crochet Hook promises Comfort, Beauty, & Even Stitches.

What Crochet Designers Say:

Though I usually crochet with the pencil hold, I occasionally use the knife grip - and this hook was incredibly comfortable in both positions.

I've crocheted for hour after hour with my Furls and never suffered the hand fatigue that used to slow me down. I can't wait to use it again - my Furls has pride of place in my collection!

- Tamara Kelly, Crochet Designer, Author, and Founder of mooglyblog.com

It’s so comfortable! […] I feel like when something is this pretty it’s kind of inspiring too. I feel more creative

I can’t wait to crochet just so I can hold this hook in my hand

Anja Johnson + Jessica Carey - see the full review here

Why Crochet Designers Love Furls' Wooden Crochet Hooks

Hear Anja Johnson + Jessica Carey's first opinions as they unbox these hooks

bespoke . luxurious. made in usa

7 Different Woods

Best selected for their beauty and durability. Tulipwood, Cocobolo, Blackwood, Purpleheart, Bloodwood, Olivewood, and Rosewood offer every naturally existing wood color in a stunning collection of grain and figure.

Our Signature Hook

This is the hook that started it all. Founder Harrison Richards began making these hooks from his parents' garage. To this day, each Alpha Series hook is made one-by-one, by hand, and is completely one of a kind. There will be no other hook with your hook's unique combination of grain, wood, size, and shape - which we leave up to the artists at the moment of creation.

100% satisfaction guarantee

crochet ergonomics: reduce hand strain

The Alpha Series' signature shape is guaranteed to reduce tension in the MCP and TCL joints - the joints that control the movement of the tendons and ligaments in your wrists and fingers while you crochet - allowing you to crochet longer and acheive more even stitches.

First off I have carpel tunnel so crocheting for over 20 min at a time doesn't happen. I was in heaven, no pain at all. And still 3 hours later, I still have no pain. This is a Godsend. Bless you! You have a life long customer here.

- Amanda Cox Sylva, Amanda's Beanies, California

How it's made: Furls' wooden Crochet Hooks

Carved by hand

Sanded - Polished - Flawlessly Finished

We start with a blank

Each hook starts as a blank - an individual piece of timber that came from a unique part of a unique tree - selected for its beauty and decorated with grain and figure you will see nowhere else.

Carved to perfection

The blanks are carved by our Master Woodworkers in Rusk, TX and Manteca, CA to meticulous ergonomic standards and scandalously luxurious design elements.

Polished to glass

After carving, each Alpha Series hook is hand sanded, taken through 7 stages of micropolishing, and then finished to a glass-like surface to ensure a flawless crochet experience.

our creations - beautiful hooks - as unique as your creations - handmade for our collectors



Tulipwood and Cocobolo with assorted Limited Editions






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The Famous Furls Guarantee

Every Furls product is backed by a risk-free, 100% money-back, satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you're unsatisfied with your Furls product, we'll provide a full and complete refund. If we make a mistake...

...we'll fix it without question.

We're focused on giving you an ecstatic crochet experience, and have absolutely no other agenda. Let Furls take care of you, risk-free; we want our clients to be the happiest crocheters on earth.

No Questions Asked, No Fuss Returns

Every hook is 100% guaranteed to bring you all the crocheting pleasure you could imagine, or your money back

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I have been crocheting for many years and these are the best hooks I have ever used.

- Karen K.

I can't believe how much I like crocheting with my new Furl's hooks! I have carpal tunnel in my right hand so it takes me nigh onto forever to actually finish crocheting something. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found I could crochet indefinitely and not have to stop for constant rest breaks. (Yes, I did read the reviews and watched the videos but I didn't actually BELIEVE them!) I know these hooks are hand carved. Please convey to the artisans that the work is beautiful and I thank them for their great workmanship and attention to details. I ordered two more today. I can hardly wait to receive them.

- Diana L.

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