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Furls Fiberarts

The Furls Team

Wondering who is behind our witty emails? Or who makes the website run? Curious who packs all those boxes, or answers the phone when you call? The team behind Furls Fiberarts can be found all over North America and continues to grow each year! Although we usually remain hidden behind the scenes (beneath stacks of data, skeins of yarn, and more hooks than can be used in a lifetime), we wanted to share with you a little bit about ourselves so that you can meet the team behind the brand.

Harrison Richards
Founder & CEO

Harrison is the founder and CEO of Furls. He made the first Furls hook in his parent’s garage when he was 18 years old and has grown Furls to a company with sales in 94+ countries, 9 amazing employees, and almost 500,000 luxury crochet hooks sold! Harrison loves entrepreneurship, art, surrealism, programming, and chicken wings.

Lorene Eppolite
COO & Creative Director

Lorene is the COO and Creative Director for Furls Crochet. She has been part of the Furls team since 2015. Lorene is also the designer behind Cre8tion Crochet and a founding member and designer of Crochet Foundry Magazine. Lorene’s current favorite Furls hook is the Odyssey line, her current favorite color is Silver. Candy Shops were her first love and Alpha Acrylic Swirls also hold a special place in her heart.


Ashlie Avery
Supply Chain Manager

Ashlie is the Supply Chain Manager for Furls Crochet. Which means she works closely with suppliers to ensure inventory is available to you! She is also in charge of all new warehouse expansions that make product more available to our international customers. Ashlie has been apart of the team since early 2019 and has enjoyed seeing Furls grow into what it is today. Her favorite crochet hooks are the Streamlines Swirls and the Odyssey’s and looks forward to expanding into more knitting tools. Ashlie is also the designer behind Brindle Babe Designs, a side hustle she started to help combat her anxiety. Outside of Furls you can find her walking her dog Lola, riding horses and growing more plant babies.

Brenna Eaves
Director of Products & Graphics

Brenna is the Director of Products and Graphics for Furls, which means she is responsible for the way new Furls goodies look and also things like sale banners and the little illustrations you’ll find all over the site. She has been an official part of the Furls team since June 2019, but started her relationship with Furls through hosting Amigurumi Crochet-Alongs way back in 2016. Brenna is also the whole team behind Little Raven Fiber Arts, a hobby business she founded when she was 13 years old. Outside of graphic design and fiber arts, Brenna really enjoys writing, ceramics, growing her own food, and pushing the limits of “too many” houseplants. Her favorite Furls hooks are the Odysseys, but the Streamline Swirl Galaxies are a close second.

Deveter Brown
Content Director

Deveter is one of the newest members of the Furls team who started in August of 2020 as the marketing & wholesale manager. She has recently been named the Content Director working closely with the COO and Marketing Director to provide engaging content within the blog area. She also manages the wholesale sales for the company, making sure our friends who are authorized sellers around the globe have all the stock they need! Deveter loves her Ebony Streamline hook lovingly named Ebony Princess. When she’s not placing big orders, she’s spending time with her three children and husband. She loves to crochet, podcast, read and watch TV.

Dianne Hunt
Customer Service Support & Executive Assistant to the CEO

Dianne has been a team member of Furls since 2018 working in Customer Service, and now Executive Assistant to the CEO. As part of the Customer Service team, Dianne helps to answer any customer service questions to ensure our customers get the best quality experience with Furls. Dianne’s favorite Furls hooks are the Odyssey hooks. While she loves all the colors, her favorite colors in Odyssey are the Turquoise, Pink, and Silver. You can find Dianne crocheting, reading (Harry Potter series is her favorite), or spending time with her family.

Jessi Myers
Full Stack Developer

Jessi is the full stack developer for Furls. She’s the one who makes everything on the Furls site work so smoothly! She has been a part of Furls for about five months now and is excited for all things to come. Her favorite Furls hooks have to be the Streamline Swirl in Supernova and the Tunisian hooks! Besides working for Furls and crocheting, she enjoys video games, music, cross stitch and embroidery, and spending time with her daughter and husband.

Pam Stark
Director of Marketing

Pam is the baseball-lovin’, coffee-chuggin’, solo Canadian over at Furls Crochet. Although Pam started at Furls in August 2020 as the Affiliate Manager, she has recently joined a new department as the Director of Marketing. When she isn’t exploring trends and strategizing in her day job, she can be found elsewhere on the web as both the designer and blogger at Sincerely Pam, and co-founder of Crochet Foundry Magazine. Pam’s favorite Furls hook is the Alpha, and her favorite part of getting hooks in the mail is watching her daughter’s face light up as she opens each box.

Samantha Casale
Advertising & Promotions Manager

Samantha is the lady behind all of you favorite ads, from “Dogs crocheting for Christmas” to “Woman who holds her yarn in a papoose like a baby”. She has been with Furls since October 2018 and has enjoyed every bit of watching the company grow into what it is today. Her favorite furls creations are the Yellow Odyssey and Tunisian Hooks. When she’s not filming ads and writing witty emails, she enjoys candle making, crocheting, being lazy with her dog Archie, boxing, and baking.


Jill Lee
Big Boss/owner of Warehouse

Jill, Antonia

Lilliana, Adela, Denisse, Jonathan
Customer Service

Guadalupe, Lourdes, Graciela, Ericka, Serafin, Mayra M., Natalia, Mayra S.

Sanding/Cleaning Pieces, Casting, Mold Making, Polishing Tips

Pedro, Aislynn, Irma, Mary Jane, Christina, Carlos

Packaging and pulling orders/wholesale

Antonio, Pedro, Akili

In charge of preparing and spraying all the beautiful hooks

See the Team In Action!


Furls Birthday Bash, June 2020

Furls Halloween Bash, October 2020

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