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At FurlsCrochet, we seek a positive and meaningful relationship with the earth just like the positive and meaningful relationship with our customers. We understand that without our earth, our operations would cease even to exist and so we do our best to honor and protect the resources of our home.All of our crochet hooks are wooden, and some are crafted from the finest and most beautiful exotic woods available. However, we want nothing to do with a timber industry with increasing rates of deforestation. So, for ever hook that is purchased we make a donation to reforest tropical rainforests. This ensures that for every hook purchased, a whole tree is planted.
While this may be more money out of Furls' pocket, we are absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to aid reforestation efforts. A crochet hook, while it uses wood, uses a relatively tiny amount of wood compared to an entire tree. That means that for every crochet hook you buy the amount of wood produced by the new tree could produce thousands of crochet hook (but we love trees, so we will not just immediately go and harvest that new tree).

We also recognize that the longevity of a product influences its sustainability. An example: as your car ages, it depreciates in value, experiences its share of wear and tear, has its engine give up and then finds its way as a heap of non-biodegradable metal into a junkyard (not what you'd call aging gracefully). This is a car that took an immense amount of energy to manufacture originally and when, hopefully, the car is gathered so the steel can be recycled, another enormous surge of energy is required to melt and reform the steel.
 On the other hand, take a FurlsCrochet hook: Our crochet hooks are lovingly crafted out of wood (which is then replaced by planting more trees) and then sent to our customers. As our customers take care of our hooks year after year the strength of the wood lasts for ages, so much so that your FurlsCrochet hooks may travel down generations of your family! 
Our hooks are finished with an organic mix of beeswax and olive oil, which is safe on your hands (more on that here) and as the finish rubs of over time, a small application of olive oil will keep the hook just like new! We make our hooks so that they are easy to take care of. Your crochet hook will never need its engine cleaned or its brakes checked; all you have to do is apply some olive oil every once in a while and how long it last is completely up to you!
Oh, and if for some strange reason you decided to dramatically hurl your crochet hook into a hole in the forest floor, no worries. Wood is completely biodegradable!