Alpha Series Special Edition Acrylic + Wood Crochet Hooks (Bloodwood + Champagne Swirl)

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A super limited release of our Bloodwood + Champagne Swirl Alpha Series hooks.

The soft shimmering yellow swirl is reminiscent of a crisp glass of bubbly. 

*Please note that due to the organic nature of wood, no two woodgrains are the same, and your hook may look different than the sample shown on our website. One of the most exciting features of handmade hooks is that each one is handcrafted, special, and unique. Thus, no two are the same.

Bloodwood + Champagne Swirl Alpha joined the Furls Family in June 2022.

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    We source our woods responsibly, looking not just for exciting character and lasting durability, but sustainable practice.

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    The nature of the wood provides some grip, giving you greater control over your stitching.

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    100% handmade with care, hand-healthy ergonomics, buttery-smooth warm woods, there are no other hooks like these.

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Alpha Series Special Edition Acrylic + Wood Crochet Hooks (Bloodwood + Champagne Swirl)

Alpha Series Special Edition Acrylic + Wood Crochet Hooks (Bloodwood + Champagne Swirl)


The bloodwood gets its name from its stunning, dark red sap, which resembles blood. This species has a thick, rough bark that helps protect it from fire. It drops some of its branches during harsh times, reducing the energy it needs to survive.

Each step in this particular process is meticulously done by hand, giving each hook its own unique look.


Furls' Special Edition Alphas are not part of our regular line of products, and are produced in small batches. We work with our Master Woodworkers to select the most beautiful, and unique woods to bring to our customers several times throughout the year. If you see a Special Edition hook you like, act fast! They don't stick around long.

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