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Odyssey Blue

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PRESALE NOTICE: This is a presale item and all Odyssey Blue products are expected to ship between Sep 1 - 7th. By ordering this product, you agree to the presale T&C's

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The same hook you love - in stunning, iridescent Blue

New Magnificent Blue

Looking straight on, the newest Odyssey hooks are a vibrant blue - but from the side these hooks shimmer iridescent hues of aquamarine, violet, and soft rose. The luxury automotive paint that covers every Odyssey Blue products is filled with sparkle and multi-level color to dazzle its owner's eyes.

Same Ergonomics & Performance

Thousands of crocheters love the comfort and crochet enhancements of the Odyssey hooks. Crochet better with a better hook.

What Designers & Bloggers Say:

Every aspect of these hooks were designed with the objective to be the ultimately perfect hook for every crocheter. And they’ve done that.

Jessica Carey of The Hook Nook

100% satisfaction guarantee Handmade in California

Presale Timeline + Terms

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What is presale?

All Odyssey Blue hooks and accessories will be available for preorder from August 10th to September first. The preorder/presale period allows Furls to collect orders and estimate demand while we’re finalizing production of Odyssey Blue and allows you to save up to 25%.

Our fastest presale period

In the past, Furls’ presale periods for products have lasted 4-8 weeks and we start production when presale opens. For Odyssey Blue, we’ve already had a 6 week headstart on production and expect to ship all Odyssey Blue products between Sep 1st and 7th.

Presale Terms

If you purchase a presale Odyssey Blue product, you’ll be first in line to receive our newest Odyssey hooks at a great discount. You’re entitled to cancel your pre-order for a full refund at any time. Please note that while we expect to ship between Sep 1st and 7th, unexpected production delays may cause your order to be shipped later in September. If so, we'll keep you posted every step of the way.

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