Furls Odyssey Crochet Hook - Pink + Purple

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Vendor: FurlsCrochet

The same hook you love - in stunning Pink + Purple

New colors

You asked, we delivered. After dozens of colors tests and a secret sample sale at CGOA 2017 in Chicago, we arrived at a stunning realization: the people want purple and pink! Two of the most loved, meaningful, royal, and quintessential colors, we couldn't let people crochet without them. Now, we're releasing our most popular hook in two stunning, sparklescent hues of these much loved colors. Indulge in your favorite colors today.

Same Ergonomics

With the same design as our Odyssey black hooks, you can expect the same forward-driven crochet momentum for easier movement, electroplated tips for faster stitches, and signature teardrop body shape for hours of comfort and relief.

100% satisfaction guarantee

All purple hooks' tips are plated with Nickel. All pink hooks' tips are plated with 14K Gold.

Handmade in California

Presale Timeline

What is presale?

Normally, every Furls hook is in stock when it's ordered and we ship it out immediately. When we know a product release is going to be huge, we open presale orders up 6-8 weeks before our first production batch is finished. This allows our crocheters to get their orders in early and gives us the time, capital, and exact number of hooks to make.

Order now, get your hooks in 6-8 weeks

Our exisiting Odyssey Gold and Odyssey black were both launched as presale product launches with 100% product delivery, so we've been through this twice before. All Odyssey Gold hooks were delivered within 7 weeks.

Update, Oct 11th: We are expecting to ship our first orders (339 purple hooks and 117 pink + gold hooks) on Friday, Oct 13th, exactly 1 month after our release on Sept 13th. Woohoo! Looks like we're a little bit ahead of schedule, more updates to come.

Need help ordering or want to know your order status? Call us at (310) 248-0183

All US orders qualify for free shipping

All INTL orders over $250 qualify for free shipping

All presale discounts expired on October 7th.

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