Furls Streamline

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Longer Crochet Hook

We've increase both overall body length and working shaft length for our longest hooks ever; the Streamlines are a full 7" in length

Pointier Tip

The tip of the Streamlines are less rounded than our other lines for better stitch penetration while working through projects.

The Most affordable Furls

We've combined machine automation and volume production to make the Streamlines the most affordable Furls hooks

Beautiful woods

Featured in 3 stunning woods - Camwood (blonde), Rosewood (red), and Ebony (black).

100% satisfaction guarantee

What does Jessica Carey of The Hook Nook have to say?

All Streamlines are Sized


Are you introducting more sizes?

Absolutely. F, G+, and J are staged for release in Nov 2017. All other hook sizes are planned for release in Dec 2017 and Jan 2018

How heavy are these hooks?

Each hook weighs about 1 oz, and is much lighter than a comparable Odyssey hook. Rather than forward weighting, these hooks are evenly balanced throughout their bodies.

How do these differ from your Alpha Series wooden hooks?

The price difference between the Alpha Series and the Streamlines is due to (1) finish quality, (2) body detailing, and (3) the amount of automated production that goes into the Streamlines, while the Alpha Series are 100% handmade from start to finish.

Are these hooks still ergonomic?

Absolutely. We've kept our signature teardrop body shape to fit into the MCP joint of the human hand while distributing hand tension through the wooden body of the hook.

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