Small Tapestry Needle Case

Small Tapestry Needle Cases, previously known as Handmade Wooden Needle Cases, joined the Furls Family in October 2018, and were discontinued in March 2023.

Each wooden needle case is carved by hand and available in multiple wood variants. These beautiful cases are perfect for organizing your embroidery, sewing, and assorted needles !

This small needle case measures 0.65" in diameter and 3.125" in height. It can hold approximately 15 tapestry needles up to 2 5/8" 

  • Storage: Preserve its finish by storing it in its original box or a Furls Hook Stand or Tray. Keep in a cool, dry place.
  • Cleaning: Wipe gently with a soft, lint-free cloth and avoid abrasive materials to keep your product in mint condition.
  • Pro Tip: Wash your hands before use. Refrain from using lotions while handling hooks to preserve the finish.

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