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December 2015, Limited Edition Hook

This hook is a limited edition Collector's Hook and can be seen on our Collector's Page. By purchasing this hook, its badge will be added to your account. All hooks are in stock and will ship out in 2-3 business days.

Featured in our holiday video at 1:14 and 1:26

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Bocote Collectors Hook

A Visual Delight

Kingwood hook (front) with a Bocote hook (back)

. Not a single piece of Bocote comes our way that is visually dull – every Bocote hook we have in stock is a treat to behold, speckled with hurricanes, eyes, and Richter patterns of tumultuous grain. Bocote plays tricks on your eyes.

For Collectors Only

Tulipwood (right), Bocote (center), and Blackwood (left) hooks

Furls will only make 175 of these special, limited edition, Bocote hooks . There are 5 E's (3.5mm), 5 F's (3.75mm), 40 G's (4.0mm), 10 G+'s (4.5mm), 70 H's (5.0mm), 35 I's (5.5mm), and 10 J's (6.0mm) available - a true collectors item.

A Wood of Extreme Character

Kingwood hook (front) with a Bocote hook (back)

Grown in rocky Mexican soils, Bocote's intense growing conditions give its grain Daliesque lines of dark black and brown that jump, spike, and play in erratic patterns on top of warm sandy yellow grain. Bocote is a wood of extreme character.

Don't forget the sister hook

Limited Edition Kingwood Hook

The Famous Furls Guarantee

Every Furls product is backed by a risk-free, 100% money-back, satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you're unsatisfied with your Furls product, we'll provide a full and complete refund. If we make a mistake...

...we'll fix it without question.

We're focused on giving you an ecstatic crochet experience, and have absolutely no other agenda. Let Furls take care of you, risk-free; we want our clients to be the happiest crocheters on earth.

No Questions Asked, No Fuss Returns

Every hook is 100% guaranteed to bring you all the crocheting pleasure you could imagine, or your money back

Do Crocheters Like Using Furls Hooks?

"I crochet much faster and for longer periods of time as my wrists, fingers and personal comfort are not compromised. For the investment of a Furls Crochet Hooks, this is an investment to my health and over all enthusiasm for crochet. Hooks are a one time investment and trust me when I say that these are hooks that you won't just casually leave lying around because if you take care of these hooks, they will take care of you!"

- Michael Sellick, Crochet Designer + Founder of The Crochet Crowd, Canada

"Though I usually crochet with the pencil hold, I occasionally use the knife grip - and this hook was incredibly comfortable in both positions. I've crocheted for hour after hour with my Furls and never suffered the hand fatigue that used to slow me down. I can't wait to use it again - my Furls has pride of place in my collection!"

- Tamara Kelly, Crochet Designer + Founder of Moogly Blog, USA

"Oh my goodness. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing the hooks are. [...] First off I have carpel tunnel so crocheting for over 20 min at a time doesn't happen. I was in heaven,no pain at all. And still 3 hours later, I still have no pain. This is a Godsend. Bless you! You have a life long customer here."

- Amanda Cox Sylva, Amanda's Beanies, California

"I have been crocheting for many years and these are the best hooks I have ever used."

- Karen K.

"I can't believe how much I like crocheting with my new Furls hooks! I have carpal tunnel in my right hand so it takes me nigh onto forever to actually finish crocheting something. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found I could crochet indefinitely and not have to stop for constant rest breaks. (Yes, I did read the reviews and watched the videos but I didn't actually BELIEVE them!) I know these hooks are hand carved. Please convey to the artisans that the work is beautiful and I thank them for their great workmanship and attention to details. I ordered two more today. I can hardly wait to receive them."

- Diana L.

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What To Love about a Furls

( why designers can't stop raving about these hooks )



Furls Crochet hooks are the only crochet hooks on earth backed by a $500 hand-health warranty, and for good reason. The tear-drop body shape of each Furls hook fits perfectly into the MCP joint of the human hand, providing maximum hand and wrist relaxation in all crochet grips. Learn more about how a Furls hook can protect you from arthritis and carpal tunnel. Or, listen to how crocheters with arthritis and CT   crochet longer and with less strain with their Furls Crochet hooks.


Crochet is an art. You are an artist. Why not use a crochet hook that reflects that? Each Furls hook is delicately crafted by an American craftsman to the most exacting design standards, yielding a precious crochet hook masterpiece. Treat yourself to an heirloom artwork; life is too short to use an ugly hook! Watch Furls' founder explain why we believe every crocheter deserves a luxuriously exquisite hook.




Our unique design is guaranteed to help you crochet faster, easier, and more evenly- or your money back. Read how Furls Crochet hooks made this crafter "a better crocheter," or watch Michael Sellick of The Crochet Crowd use a super smooth Blackberry Candy Shop hook to glide through an afghan square tutorial in no time.