Furls Crochet Summer 2017 Limited Edition Crochet Hooks
Tambooti 1 Canarywood 1 Osage Orange 1 Flame Birch 1

Category: Alpha

Type: Unknown Type

Vendor: FurlsCrochet

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2017 Summer Limited Edition Hooks

Tambooti ( / 78 available )

Canarywood ( / 78 available )

Flame Birch ( / 78 available )

Osage Orange ( / 78 available )


Dark, ruddy brown. Highlights of white sapwood. Dense and smooth. Sustainably harvested.


Bright yellow with wheat-colored striping. Spotted with red and tan grain. Sustainably harvested.

Flame Birch

Beautiful cream complexion with curly, chatoyant grain that dances in the light. Sustainably harvested.

Osage Orange

Bright orange striped with yellow. Used by Native Americans as wood for bows due to its strength. Sustainably harvested.