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Creamily Smooth

Stunningly Bright

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For Our Mothers

When Furls first started, I personally made every wooden hook by hand.

Before Furls was growing, before Furls had any other team members, before the Candy Shop and Odyssey, when Furls was just an infant company, I experimented with dozens of woods to find what would look most beautiful as a crochet hook.

One contender was Holly wood. There’s something pure and mystical about Holly. It stands out like the moon– in its lightness and its stark beauty

Furls' first ever photoshoot included Holly in a photo that set the tone for what Furls quality means. To this day that photo sits on the wooden hooks’ product page and gets a response I never expected…

Over the years customers and fans kept asking about 'the mystery white hook'.

"What is it?"

"Can I buy it?" ... "Is it naturally that color?"

"When can I get one"? ... "I want it"!

We’ve had so many queuries it's time to give Holly wood the special spot it deserves in everyone’s crochet collection, for three reasons…

1) Its color:
This is one of the only truly white woods on earth. It's naturally blanched by mother nature.

2) Its lightness:
It's great to hold a hook that is so light and warm. Lighter than bamboo and – in the Furls shape – with more area to warm your hand, a Holly hook makes for an incredible crocheting experience.

3) Its result:
This is one of those hooks that makes crocheters loosen their gauge because the hook, even when its planted firmly in your hand, feels like a whimsical tool. Crochet becomes a bit more of a dance like this.

So, Furls totally had to release this hook.

I’m especially happy to make this available for Mothers’ Day, one of my favorite celebrations. Whom more do we owe than our mothers? Our life givers, our care takers, and our champions; our life would have been impossible without them. Call your mother, remind her you love her. Remind her you’re thankful. Remind her she is dearly admired.

And if you yourself are a crocheting mother, thank you. Thank you for all the gifts you've made for your children and your family. The significance of what you’ve done cannot be overstated. You’re a deliverer and someone is unendingly thankful for what you’ve done.

These hooks are to the hands what white chocolate is to the mouth. So today, and through Mothers’ Day, we’re featuring these hooks with free shipping to the US and Canada with the code LoveMamaLoveHolly between now and Mothers’ Day (May 8th).

We’ve only got 320 Holly hooks and we’ve been getting requests for these hooks since we started so grab one while you can!

Love your mother!

Love holly!

I hope you love this hook as much as we do ;)


Harrison Richards
Furls Crochet

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