Sales Essentials Audio Course

This Course Includes:

15 New Ways To Get Customers

From tradeshows to websites, magazines to sales presentations, we go over the 15 most common methods of customer generation and give you a template for success in each scenario. For each situation, you'll learn the best methods to get a customer's attention, build interest, deepen desire, and get the action (purchase or sign up).

Profitable Selling Systems

We'll take you through the steps to systematize every aspect of selling, so you can empower others to sell for you. Your strength as a business owner is dependent on your ability to let the business grow on it's own, and we show you exactly how it's been done before in successful businesses. You'll learn where to recruit the best talent without breaking the bank, hire without risk, and how to have your assistants and hires love your business so much, they want to see you succeed.

Ecommerce Mastery: Triple Your Internet Business

Ecommerce is the fastest growing business in the world, and it is also the most simple route to success, if you understand its principles. Here we go over the basics of Ecommerce: using tripwire offers, building a profit maximizer, getting followers and fans to spread the word for you. We show you one technique that tripled Furls' business through Facebook.

Learn On Your Own Time

This 2 hour audio course is broken up into 6 simple modules:

  • Module 1: Tradeshow Selling
  • Module 2: Print Advertising
  • Module 3: Automatic Word of Mouth and Referral Systems
  • Module 4: E-commerce 1, Setting up for succcess
  • Module 5: E-commerce 2, Building a Profit Maximizer
  • Module 6: 15 More Ways to Get Customers

This course is delivered electronically along with 7 PDF templates and 1 digital workbook to guide you through the process. Your speaker is Harrison Richards, founder and president of Furls.

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