Streamline Swirl Crochet Hooks - Aries Seconds

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Streamline Resin Crochet Hooks - ALL SECONDS SALES ARE FINAL

    We take sustainability seriously. Instead of tossing our less than perfect hooks into the landfill, we have chosen to give these hooks a “second chance” by offering them to our customers at a fraction of the regular retail price. These hooks are still 100% functional and perfectly ergonomic.


    These hooks are physically sound, they just don’t quite match our standards aesthetically. They may have inconsistent swirling, too much of a certain color, not enough of another, or maybe the stamping is smudged or double stamped. These hooks are all unique and beautiful in their own way.


    Missized hooks are just misunderstood. They are fully functioning hooks that just got the wrong size stamped on them. What may be marked as a 5.0 H hook, can measure 1-2 sizes larger, or smaller. Sure, hook size matters, but gauge matters most of all, right!?

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Streamline Swirl Crochet Hooks - Aries Seconds

Streamline Swirl Crochet Hooks - Aries Seconds

Who should get an imperfect hook?

Perfect doesn’t always mean better. Our imperfect hooks are the “perfect choice” for anyone who wants a truly unique hook! They have little cosmetic quirks that really make them stand out. These are also a great option for someone who wants to try a Streamline Resin Hook but at a fraction of the price!

Who should get a missized hook?

Our Taurus Seconds are great for every crocheter! Missized hooks still look the same as our original Taurus hooks, but since they have the wrong size stamped on them, they are ideal for people who are less worried about the size on the hook and always go by the gauge they meet for their project. These are also great hooks for anyone who likes to use them for photography, since the size doesn’t matter in pictures.

Can I choose which hook I get?

You can choose between an imperfect, or a missized hook, along with the size. Please see the photo above for a few examples of what your imperfect hook may look like. If choosing a missized hook, you will choose the size that the hook is stamped with. Your hook will be either 1-2 sizes larger or smaller than what the stamp says, but the box it arrives in will have the actual size your hook measures right on it.

Can I return my hook if I don’t like it?

All Seconds sales are Final. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at

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