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Wholesale Odyssey Gold Crochet Hooks


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All hooks in stock and ship same or next business day

14K Gold Crochet Tips - Ergonomic, Handcast bodies

A new combination of a pewter core plated with 14K gold creates a crocheting tip like no other - frictionless, light weight, and unhindered by tight stitches. Indulge in our most luxurious crocheting tip yet - a talking piece of crochet luxury and performance.

Odyssey Gold Reviews from Crochet Designers + Bloggers

"These hooks are smooth, easy to hold and use, and are honestly just some seriously sexy hooks. Yes, sexy. I’ll go there. From the sleek lines, to the shiny paint coat, it’s just plain delicious."

Read Jessica's full review at The Hook Nook

"I felt compelled to buy this hook that is created with double plated 14K gold around the front of the crochet hook that will last a lifetime no matter which yarn type you are using. Even this gold crochet hooks red color on the back has some sparkles in it which are absolutely beautiful and are not distracting while crocheting."

Read Nicole's full review at Nicki's Homemade Crafts

Krysten Ritter using a Pink + Gold hook

Netflix's Jessica Jones star speeds through granny squares with this hook

See the hook in use

The same ergonomic body and super-polished tip from the Odyssey we all know and love come together in 3 ultra-luxe, precious metal hooks

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