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Wholesale Odyssey Lime & Nickel Crochet Hook

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B - 2.25mm $23.00 Sold out Sold out
C - 2.75mm $23.00 Sold out Sold out
D - 3.25mm $23.00 Sold out
E - 3.5mm $23.00 Sold out
F - 3.75mm $23.00 Sold out
G - 4.0mm $23.00 Sold out
G+ - 4.5mm $23.00 Sold out Sold out
H - 5.0mm $23.00 Sold out
I - 5.5mm $23.00 Sold out Sold out
J - 6.0mm $23.00 Sold out
K - 6.5mm $23.00 Sold out
L - 7.0mm $23.00 Sold out
M - 8.0mm $23.00 Sold out Sold out
N - 9.0mm $23.00 Sold out Sold out
P - 10.0mm $23.00 Sold out Sold out

Crochet Better in Stunning Lime

The Same Hook You Love - In Stunning, Iridescent Lime

Looking straight on, the newest Odyssey hooks are a bright lime green The luxury automotive paint that covers every Odyssey Lime Green products is filled with sparkle and multi-level color to dazzle its owner's eyes.

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