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Wholesale Odyssey Turquoise Crochet Hook

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B - 2.25mm $23.00 Sold out
C - 2.75mm $23.00 Sold out
D - 3.25mm $23.00 Sold out
E - 3.5mm $23.00 Sold out Sold out
F - 3.75mm $23.00 Sold out
G - 4.0mm $23.00 Sold out
G+ - 4.5mm $23.00 Sold out
H - 5.0mm $23.00 Sold out
I - 5.5mm $23.00 Sold out
J - 6.0mm $23.00 Sold out Sold out
K - 6.5mm $23.00 Sold out
L - 7.0mm $23.00 Sold out
M - 8.0mm $23.00 Sold out
N - 9.0mm $23.00 Sold out
P - 10.0mm $23.00 Sold out

Crochet Better in Stunning Blue

The Same Hook You Love - In Stunning, Iridescent Turquoise

Looking straight on, the newest Odyssey hooks are a vibrant blue - but from the side these hooks shimmer iridescent hues of aquamarine, violet, and soft rose. The luxury automotive paint that covers every Odyssey Turquoise products is filled with sparkle and multi-level color to dazzle its owner's eyes.

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