Furls Wooden Yarn Bowl

Cradle your yarn investment in a luxurious Furls Yarn Bowl

Handmade out of gorgeous Acacia wood, Furls Yarn Bowls are the perfect way to nestle and care for your skeins. Working through a yarn bowl keeps your skein from bouncing, rolling, tangling, and gathering the dust from other household surfaces. Furls Yarn Bowls are the perfect way to keep your precious yarns in perfect condition while working on a project and to beautify your fiberarts environment while you are taking a break. 

Every Furls Yarn Bowl is backed by a 100% refund policy and a lifetime warranty: if at any point you are not satisfied with your yarn bowl, we will replace your yarn bowl free of charge or refund you 100% of your original purchase.

About Furls Yarn Bowls

I N V E S T I N G     I N     Y O U R    Y A R N S

    The average fiber artist spends thousands of dollars on yarns over the course over their lifetime. A Furls yarn bowl is the perfect way to protect your fiber investments. As you work with your yarn from a Furls yarn bowl, the skein will be carefully cradled and will not tangle or pick up the dust from other household surfaces. The smooth interior surface of a Furls yarn bowl also prevents snagging or catching. 

"I popped the yarn into the bowl, which I found fit perfectly on my lap when I sat cross-legged as I usually do, and found the bowl to solve all problems related to yarn management. Now, I don't knit without my bowl. Because it is wood, I know the yarn is staying clean. Because it is a bowl, the yarn is contained and doesn't go flying around the room. It's easy to quickly put projects up, and it looks nice sitting on the piano with yarn inside. It's definitely my new favorite knitting tool."

Kristin F.


    You are an artist. You revel in every movement of your fibers and every stitch you carefully produce. As an artist, you deserve to work with something that itself is a work of art. Every Furls yarn bowl is handcarved to the finest artistic and functional standards out of the earth's most beautiful and sustainable Acacia wood. As a consequence, every Furls yarn bowl is a functional artwork that beautifies and enlivens your crafting environment. 

D U R A B I L I T Y 

    Because every Furls Crochet hooks is made from strong Acacia wood, it can withstand the daily tests of the modern fibercrafter. Unlike a ceramic yarn bowl, Furls wooden yarn bowls will survive a drop off of a high surface and are safe around children, pets, and in the bottom of a fiberartists tote.


Each bowl is 6" wide by 3" deep, with a wall thickness of 1/4". Because of the varying character of natural timbers, yarn bowl dimensions may change slightly

Category: Yarn Bowl

Type: Yarn Bowl

Vendor: Furls

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